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Clinical Hypnosis Hypnotherapy scripts

Clinical hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in therapy. Hypnotherapy covers all forms of therapy that involve some access to the subconscious mind. Clinical hypnosis can change ways of thinking, alter personal beliefs and remove barriers to success. Putting people into trance is fairly simple and predictable. Learning to give the right suggestion, to create the right visualization, or to find the right words to alter the person's life forever can take a lifetime's study. These clinical hypnosis scripts are all designed to have a lasting effect on the unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy can do so many things that you never know what you might be asked for next. This clinical hypnosis collection includes hypnosis scripts, metaphor therapy, visualizations, NLP exercises, and much, much more. Every therapist can learn from this collection. There are scripts designed to undo the mistakes of the past.  Other scripts allow emotional healing. There are scripts to deal with fears and phobias, anxiety and stress. Taken together, this script collection covers most areas of clinical hypnotherapy.

Clinical Hypnosis and Induction needs

In order to do Clinical Hypnosis, you have to hypnotize the client first. Clients expect you to be competent. They expect you to hypnotize them easily and quickly. You cannot do hypnotherapy without doing an induction first. The induction should be simple and almost unnoticed.  If it isn't, if the client see you having difficulty getting them into trance, then you have made your job so much harder. You need to be able to move from the hypnotic induction into the therapy part so smoothly that the client cannot tell where one ends and the other begins.

You need to fit the therapy to the problem. You need to fit the induction to the client's personality. Every client has unique problems, but every client also needs the right induction. That is why this Clinical Collection has a complimentary Induction Collection. With both of these you can be sure of having the right induction for the right therapy.



Clinical Hypnosis Scripts

You get over 60 top class scripts, metaphors and support materials. The scripts are available for immediate download via Dropbox. All the files are supplied in PDF format for security, and duplicated in Word .docx format so you can cut and paste the scripts to suit your particular client.

Plus you get the right to ask for help and advice from an experienced professional hypnotherapist.

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change your future


Everyone is looking for a better future. These clinical hypnosis scripts use hypnotic metaphors and visualizations to enable the client to imagine a better future, and by imagining it, create it. The future is what you make it. These scripts will help you get there sooner.

change your past


Too many people had a childhood they would prefer to forget.  But things that happened do not have to dictate how you feel today. Other people's actions should not be affecting you still. Even your own actions can be left behind. It is never too late to let it go.
You can change your past and get on with living the life you want. These Clinical Hypnosis scripts enable you to let go of the past and its hurts, and get on with living the life you deserve.

Emotional release scripts

Scripts for Emotional Healing

Many people remain trapped in the past by fossilized feelings. These Clinical Hypnosis scripts use many techniques to allow the person to move on and heal the scars of yesterday. There is no reason to allow the past to ruin your future.

Fears and Phobias

Scripts for fears and phobias

Phobias can be debilitating and ruin a person's life. These Clinical Hypnosis scripts show you how to deal with common phobias and irrational fears.

Self development scripts

Self development

These scripts are about taking what you've got and making the most of it. Overcome the barriers that are holding you back and get started on the road to success.

Anxiety scripts


These scripts are about ways of reducing anxiety. Some people seem to have  constant anxiety with no source, some anxiety is situation dependent. These scripts show multiple ways of dealing with anxiety using several different hypnosis techniques.


Relaxation and Release Techniques

Everyone needs to be able to relax and let go. Here are five ways of getting yourself to relieve the stress of everyday living. Tried and tested.

Guided Visualization

Visualization exercises

Get your visualization muscles working with these exercises. Learn how visualisation works so that you can improve the imagery in your scripts. Graded exercises, and classic examples.


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