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Stop procrastination with hypnosis

Hypnosis is very successful at stopping procrastinating. Procrastination is a fear of failure, a fear of being criticized. It is easier to procrastinate, to avoid starting something in order to avoid failing. Procrastination affects millions of people, but procrastination can be fixed. Procrastination is not fixed by using to-do lists, or reminders, or managing your time. Procrastination is a psychological problem. Procrastination needs to be attacked where it lives, in the unconscious mind.

This hypnosis Procrastination Script is aimed at chronic procrastination, the type of procrastinating where the person starts work but then surfs the Internet, checks the news, goes for coffee every thirty minutes, or reads emails instead of getting on with what they really need to do.

This procrastination hypnosis script shows how to stop procrastinating by targeting the beliefs that cause procrastination in order to defeat the psychological factors of the procrastination behavior.


Lead the client into trance....
Use your normal induction and confirm level of trance, then start the therapy section....
CapabilityYou can changeD
it is time to change
MemoryAnd allow your mind to roam over a typical day......  how little is done that actually matters... time wasted on unnecessary things ... hours frittered away...
And now ask yourself... is there any real reason why I can't change that.....
MemoryYou know you can change... you have changed in many ways before....D
Capabilityand this means you can change your habits... easily and quickly.... you know you can do this... with a bit of help.... and this is exactly the help you need.... so start to change now...>
CapabilityThink about how you might represent your problem... imagine it as a picture or a movie.... imagine that representation as if it was on a whiteboard.... or chalked on a wall.... And imagine yourself wiping the whiteboard clean.... or washing away the chalk...
behaviourbecause you can do that thing.... you can imagine just wiping out that problem...
RuleYou can get control... all you have to do is stop doing some things and start doing other things... the things that really matter... it's that simple.....
BehaviourAnd because of that you are more determined... more convinced now... more certain that you can change your work patterns D
CapabilityYou choose to succeedD
You can choose how you spend your time
and that can remind  you  ....that every day... every hour...  you are free to choose.PHS
RULEYou can choose what interests you.
You get to choose what you pay attention to.
You are free to choose what you want to do with your time. And here is a thought.... You are free to choose to be interested, challenged, excited, rewarded... by the things that will make you a success....
And that is a wonderful freedom...
The power to choose.
And the power to choose means that you have control. You get to choose what you focus on... and that means you get to choose how much you earn.>Reframe
You see, when you deliberately challenge yourself, to actively take charge .... you can dare to ask yourself the question.... What if?Reframe
IdentityWhat if I decided... I am in control from now on?
CapabilityTake a moment now to think about it...
You know you WANT to change
You know you NEED to change.
You know WHY you NEED to change.
...and that means.....
You know HOW to change.
You can make a PLAN
And you can ACT on that plan
and that means
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