crystal mountain

Crystal Mountain Script

Going up Crystal Mountain - hypnotherapy to find a new life

Crystal Mountain metaphor therapy

This hypnotherapy script is the nearest thing there is to therapy guaranteed to create change for life. This hypnosis script is for letting go of the past and starting a new life. This hypnotherapy script is for anyone who suffers anxiety caused by past events or a bad childhood and needs to change, who wants a change for life.

Crystal Mountain Multiple Embedded metaphor technique

Crystal Mountain uses a powerful and unique multiple embedded metaphor hypnotherapy technique. Multiple embedded metaphors have the ability to change your deepest beliefs about yourself, to stop you feeling trapped by the past and move on to a new life. The central metaphor is about leaving the past behind by dropping the emotional burden you have been carrying. That central metaphor is wrapped up inside a guided visualization of spiritual forgiveness. That metaphor is embedded inside two more metaphors: the inner metaphor is about getting the courage to look into yourself to find what is needed to change your life and the outer metaphor is about freeing yourself from old fears so that you can start the change for life.

Symbolic Meanings and metaphors

The Crystal Mountain hypnosis script  has a wonderful freeing power. Because it uses multiple hypnotic metaphors it touches on many symbols of the unconscious mind, that gives it the power to change your whole life. The metaphors are so vivid that your unconscious mind absorbs the symbolism and then matches these to events in your life and frees what you need to change for a new life. The Change Your Life script works on several levels at once and typically changes things that you did not know how to describe, did not even know were the problem. The Change for Life script keeps on working and generating positive change for up to six weeks.

Crystal Mountain script is what to use when you have run out of ideas, or life just seems to have so many problems that you don't know where to begin. It always gets a result.


End of CRYSTAL CAVE Metaphor
Resolve Third Embedded Metaphor - Spirit's Gift
And the figure smiles at you and says... " It's time to start on a new path.. it's time to make things happen differently.. .Look around you ... take what you want... " D
And you look around the cave... and scattered around are sparkling crystals... all shapes and sizes.... in bright colours... and you pick up the crystals and with every one you are picking up strength and confidence and certainty and all things you need...VResources
and you can fill your pack with those shiny crystals and take as many as you need... and you realise that was the gift that was waiting for you.... and will always be waiting for you...expectation
Resolve Second Embedded Metaphor - the Dark Pool
and you turn to thank the figure... but it is gone... you walk to the bright cave entrance... and you begin back down the path... feeling lighter.... happier.... supported...
memoryAnd you walk easily down from the cave... and you arrive at the circular pool again... but now it looks different... it looks bright and warm and welcoming... there is a herd of gentle animals drinking at the edge.... and again you stand and look into the pool... deep into it... and again those dark shapes start to rise... more and more of them.... and as you watch the shapes become clearer... and to your surprise and delight.. they are fish... beautiful multicoloured fish... with shimmering scales flashing in the sun.. and a fish jumps.... leaving an ever expanding ripple on the surface... like a child drops a stone just to enjoy what happens... and the ripples seem to go on for ever...subconscious
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[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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