FAQ Frequently asked questions

Why am I being directed to BESTHYPNOSISSCRIPTS?

key-hypnosis.com has been upgraded and transferred to a new website.
Key-Hypnosis had a lot of problems with its old web hosting service.
All the material from Key-Hypnosis is being transferred to the new site.
Plus a lot of new material is being added that I was unable to add to the previous site because of access issues.

I hope you like the new and improved site.


What if I need a script and you don't have it?

Contact me and let me know what it is you want the script for. I will probably be able to write a script for that. Sometimes I will suggest using an existing script and show how you can alter it to suit your needs.


Special Offers: What if I have already bought some scripts?

Contact me and let me know what you want to add. I have special offers and usually if you have already bought one or more collections I will make a special deal for you.


Help! My computer crashed.

Suppose you have a hard drive disaster and lose all your files. I am happy to replace your script collections with the latest versions. Just ask.


Who writes the scripts?

The scripts and metaphors are written by Dave Mason PhD.

Can I contact you for advice?

Sure. Send me an email and I will do my best to help.

Do you do training?

No, I do not do any training. I am not affiliated with any hypnosis training organisation. Many people have told me that they have learned more from my website than they learned in class. But I am too busy with my face-to-face clients to be able to run regular courses. I do occasionally teach as a guest lecturer on other people's courses.

Can I use Best Hypnosis scripts commercially in a recording?

Yes you can, if you buy  a license to record.

You can get a license for a single script, or for any four scripts.

See Recording License Terms


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