Sexual Health Scripts

Sexual Health Scripts

Better Sex Sexual Problems Disfunction

Scripts to help people with sexual health problems

Sexual health is as important as any other part of your life. If the sex isn't right then nothing is, really. These scripts look at various aspects of sexuality: performance, orientation, dysfunction, and how to deal with them.

Male Sexual Performance Anxiety

This happens in otherwise healthy men. Some psychological fear cause them to fail to function every time they are about to perform sex. This condition  builds up over time and gets worse and worse until the man feels almost paralyzed with fear. It can usually be reversed with this script

Fear of Sex script

The script shows how to use hypnosis to deal with the fear of painful intercourse. An interactive technique talks to the client and clears the subconscious mind. That is reinforced by a hypnotic metaphor about opening up her body so that she can enjoy sex.

Premature Ejaculation

Whenever premature ejaculation happens, it is a disappointment for both partners. Often one failure can lead to another. This starts a downward spiral of worry, anticipation, fear and more failure.  A metaphor script to do something about it.

Sexual performance anxiety

Sexual worries are mostly due to a single failure that causes worry about another failure. This makes another failure more likely, and the cycle continues. It can happen to anyone at any age. A script to break the cycle.

Sexual abuse therapy script

Sexual abuse therapy creates a metaphor of your life as a measuring tape. Clean the tape and you clean away the memory of physical, social and emotional abuse. A script for a second chance and a clean future.

Sexual Performance Mirror Visualization

This hypnotic visualization plants the idea of perfect sex in your unconscious mind. Next time you need it, it will deliver exactly that.

Perfect Sex Visualization

Improve sexual confidence. A hypnotic visualization that lets your unconscious mind experience perfect sex. That visualization programs your mind to deliver the best next time, every time.

HLTX10 Awaken your sexuality

This script shows how to awaken your sexuality. A combination of visualization and metaphor therapy. It encourages the person to see themselves as not fully functional right now. Everyone is entitled to enjoy an active sex life.

HLTX11 Confront your abuser

This script is for a victim of sexual abuse to confront her abuser. It leads you into a  hypnotic trance to a place where you are able to tell your experience. Your abusers and their excusers are judged and punished, and you are free to go on with your life.

 Sexual Identity Counseling

Accepting a gay child

Accepting your child is gay can be hard for many parents. It feels like a betrayal. All your hopes and dreams are ripped apart for ever. But this therapy can help to square things up, to recognize that it is still the same child. A child you can love.

Accepting Being Gay

Accepting being gay is difficult at any age. This script does not try to reverse being gay, it helps you to accept things as they are, to be yourself fully. Until you accept yourself, nobody else will.

 ...PLUS Bonus Scripts

Female Orgasm Release

A hypnosis script to use with your lover. Your words encourage and allow her to enjoy her natural orgasm response through visual and tactile stimulation. Use this script to deepen and extend orgasm. Good slow sex builds better relationships.

Improve Sex Skills

with this hypnotic therapy. Erotic hypnosis to build up your own sexual self image. Improve your physical sexual performance.


Hypnosis sexual health Scripts


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