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Sexual Performance Mirror Visualization

Sexual Performance Visualization

A visualization of perfect sex

The Sexual Performance Mirror Visualization is designed to help build the confidence of a man who has sexual anxiety. The script is a visualization of erotic interactions with a willing but passive woman who welcomes all sexual advances. The script allows the person to create their ideal dream partner and to have a series of loving, caressing, fulfilling sexual experiences.

In trance your mind cannot tell the difference between something vividly imagined and what is real, so the mind will be left an a vivid memory of perfect sex that will replace the any worries about sexual failure.



 And as you become aware of that at some level... that
means that things are going exactly the way they should be...
 ... and your mind is opening to new possibilities...DSeeding
 Hypnotic Visualization  
 Imagine now, a time... with your partner, a girlfriend, someone you would like to be intimate with... imagine now.... you have been through the preliminaries... everything went welll... you have been kissing and touching.. and now the two of you are getting ready to go to bed... and she is in the bathroom... taking her earrings off ... looking in the mirror... doing her face... wearing a big towel...  
 and you come up behind her.. and she is looking in the mirror... you put your arms around her waist.... you press against her buttocks.... and the towel falls away... and she looks at you in the mirror and smiles... and you lift your hands and you hold her breasts in your hands... and she moves her buttocks against you... and you bend her forward... and you feel that urge... that need for sex... and you feel huge... strong... powerful... and she feels your hot hard flesh pressing against her... and this woman is smiling in the mirror... looking at you... she wants you ... she wants you to enter her... now...  
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