Stop Smoking Aversion


Quit smoking with hypnosis visualization



 This stop smoking visualization script starts with a hypnotic induction and  deeper to go into trance. Then it uses hypnotic suggestions to reconnect with success. The smoker can now believe they will have success in stopping smoking. The next section uses guided visualization of parts therapy to get rid of the part that wanted to keep smoking. Then visualizes life after quitting smoking.
The second part of the script asks the unconscious mind to confirm if is it OK to stop smoking. Then a second visualization leads the smoker's mind away from smoking suggesting health, fitness and motivation to stop. The final part uses two sets of direct hypnosis suggestions to convince the smoker that stop smoking is easy with hypnosis.



You can forgive old behavior
IdentityNow behind that door [clientname] are parts of yourself... there's all the parts of yourself that make you who you are... there's all the parts in there of your creativity... of your intelligence... your humour...your ability...Visualisation
+ pre-suppositions
IdentityAnd you can imagine going through that door and finding yourself... in amongst all those good parts of yourself ... and there's all the parts that make you feel good about yourself... and you can imagine them... pressing around you ... meeting you. And you feel so good because every part of you ... is valuable... every part of you intends for your own benefit... every thought you have ... every idea you have... is actually for your good...Parts therapy
MemoryAnd as you look around that room you can see all those wonderful parts. And yet... there's a part missing... and you look carefully around that room and you see on the far wall there's a door... this is a black door...and you go to that door... and you open it carefully... and inside there's another part of you... there's the part of you in there ... that keeps you smoking... and you look around and there's a small frightened part... because this part wanted to help you when you started smoking... it thought it was doing something really good for you... but over the years it has realised it made a mistake - you should never have started smoking... and now it is frightened of what you will say and what you might do... but every part of you is valuable... and every part of you means well... and so.. I'd like you to go down and embrace that part... comfort it ...tell it ... you realise that it made a mistake....that it's OK to make mistakes... td>
Rulethat the only thing that's not OK is if you keep making mistakes...
and in your own way... however you can... you persuade that part... it's OK... that it can stop doing that now... that it doesn't matter any more... because you've made that decision...>
Mind reading
and you can take that part and leave the and as you leave the room the door closes behind you .... and that small frightened part... as it goes in amongst all the other parts... begins to change and grow ... and gets stronger...D
You can create new behaviour
and you can introduce that part to the part of you that is creative ... the part of you that knows how to do new things... you can work with that part that was smoking. You can come up with three creative things you can do instead of smoking... that will give you the same benefits... and will be amazed at how fast you can come up with three or maybe more things that you can do... that will replace that habit you used to have... and it might be eating fruit and it might be brushing your teeth it might be... who knows? But the creative part of you... that wonderful rich creative part of you ... that's helped you all your life will help you now... and you can substitute ... different behaviour for the one's you've had... and you can get curious as to what those behaviours might be. Because you will find them arriving the next hours and days...
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