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 stop smoking direct suggestion hypnosis

The Direct Suggestion approach to Quit smoking 

This Stop Smoking Direct Suggestion Script is an updated version of the traditional direct suggestion script. It includes all the components needed to stop smoking. This script shows how to use Direct Suggestion, a style of hypnosis based on multiple suggestions.

Each suggestion is a direct command, telling the smoker how to behave, what to do, what to be. Direct Suggestion is very effective for stopping smoking.

Most smokers need convincing that they can stop, that there will be no cravings, that they can deal with stress without a cigarette.

Use only the sections you need from the Stop Smoking Direct Suggestion Script

The script is modular. There are sections for Self Control: Capability, Control, Aversion; for Behavior: Smoking for Relaxation, Smoking for Socializing, Smoking as a Break; for Positive reasons: Health, Fitness, Weight, Appearance;

and Replacement Behavior: No Cravings, Rejecting tobacco. The final section covers parts therapy.

The Direct Suggestion Stop Smoking script is used after finding out why, when and where the client smokes. (See the Smoking Interview Questions sheet included in the collection).

The therapist notes the reasons for smoking and selects the appropriate sections of the script. If weight gain is a worry then the section on not snacking is used, otherwise it can be left out.


BehaviourAnd because of that you are more determined... more convinced... more certain that you have had your last cigarette... >
BehaviourYou are finished for good... You will never smoke again... you will never hold a cigarette again... If you ever find a cigarette in your fingers... you will break it... snap it... crush it out totally... you will grind it into the floor and enjoy doing it... It's over for you for ever. DPHS
RULEThere are no safe cigarettes... every puff is a danger... every drag is poison... there is no 'just one'... D
BehaviourIf you ever get too close to smoking you will feel an irresistible compulsion to get up and leave... you will start walking away... find yourself somewhere safe... away from it... and you mind will be filled with alarm bells ... You will take deep breaths until the danger is over and you are flooded with relief and calm again... D
Behaviouryou don't need cigarettes... you no longer smoke... D
You find that you don't think about smoking any more D
RuleYou are becoming less and less attached to smoking with each word you are hearing... because smoking was what was causing your anxiety... giving up smoking means giving up anxiety, nervousness Dmore>more
Identityand not smoking gives you the sense of calm you used to have...D
CapabilityBecause you know you can handle stress... you used to ... and other people can do it ... and so can you... the cigarettes were causing it... and not they are gone... you can forget about the stress they caused... D Amnesia
CapabilityAnd you will experience a strange feeling of calm in those situations now.D
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This Stop Smoking Direct Suggestion script is in the Stop Smoking collection
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