Smokers Induction


Hypnosis induction Script for your Stop Smoking sessions

Special Hypnotic Induction for smokers

The Stop Smoking induction script is specially written to begin a Stop Smoking session.

Your whole stop smoking session should be focused on stopping smoking, right from the first words. This induction puts the idea of stopping into the smoker's mind as they go into trance. This makes the suggestions more effective.

It is a good induction to use because even before your therapy begins you are suggesting clear breath, giving affirmations of 'no more smoking', creating visualizations of leaving behind the old habit, and going to a clean green place as a non smoker.


Stop Smoking Induction Script
CapabilityTake a deep breath.... and let it go... now take another breath... and as you let it go.... really relax.... and now one more breath as you start the process of becoming a non smoker....IBind
CapabilityThat’s right.... and now let your eyes close... and feel that relaxation spreading.KSupposition
And now notice your breathing... now that you have decided to stop smoking... you might senses a difference in your breathing now... or maybe later... you will find you can become aware of your breath as it goes down into your chest... and thinking about how much you can feel of each breath inside... as you breath out... allow your body to relax... more and more...>Seeding relaxation
And as you relax... imagine all that old stuff coming out of your lungs... clearing and healing... relaxing...V
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