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Stop Smoking NLP Anchoring Script

NLP hypnosis trigger break smoking habits


A stop smoking NLP script for smokers who say that it is just a habit, but one they cannot get rid of. This script is designed specifically to Stop the Smoking Habit.
It is intended to be used where the smoker has stopped the habit for a time, and then fell back into the bad habits and started again.

It works because it uses the NLP techniques of anchoring and visualization. It links the smoker's inner strengths and personal beliefs to external triggers, so that when the trigger happens they are reminded of their own ability to stop.

The script uses three different anchoring strategies. The first is a physical metaphor to anchor feelings of determination to squeezing their fist shut.

The second uses the idea of a Magic Word. This is associated to a visual metaphor and is used to remind them that they have the ability to succeed any time they feel temptation again.

The third hypnotic technique anchors a color to a belief. The post hypnotic suggestion ensures that seeing the color will constantly remind the smoker that they can succeed in stopping the habit.


You are now going to learn how to boost your resistance to temptation.
While you are in this state of deep relaxation... your breathing is slow and steady... your body is relaxed... every muscle loose and heavy...
IdentityThis state is something that you have created... on your own... and in your own way... and the way you experience it is unique to you...Leading
IdentityYou have the ability to return to this state any time you want to...DLeading
Capabilityand when you are in this state you can perform the most amazing things... with the most amazing strengths... because your mind is focussed>
it is a state of inner strength... a state that lets you get in touch with higher powers... a state that lets you transcend your normal self... to summon inner resources and create powerful... almost magical effects.DConnect to beliefs
CapabilityAnd you have the natural ability to use this special unique state...DAmbiguity
And as you are relaxing there now... breathing gently... you can become aware of your hands... a feeling in your hands... and your mind can select one hand or the other hand... allow your mind to decide... to pick one hand...Dissociation
And while most of your body becomes more relaxed you will find that one hand begins to close, to clench into a fist... and then relax again... and as that hand relaxes... you go deeper and deeper inside...Deepener
And as you go deeper and deeper inside... you become aware of something... you become aware of something rising up inside you... and you recognise that for what it is... a fierce determination to never [smoke] again... a feeling of stubborn resistance to [the idea of smoking again]Reframe physical feeling to mental toughness
And once again... notice your hand closing... and notice the feeling associated with this... as that hand closes... your mind focuses on why you want to [ stop smoking], [the smell, the cost, the health, ... ]
And that makes you even more aware of what you get from not smoking... and as you think about that... that feeling of determination... of self-confidence... that you can beat this... that you can stop for ever... grows ever stronger...
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The rest of the script is in the collection
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