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Make the cigarettes taste revolting

Stop Smoking Aversion Script

Many clients who want to stop smoking say they could stop smoking if you could just make it taste horrible. This Stop Smoking Aversion script uses hypnosis suggestions to make the cigarettes taste disgusting.
It creates aversion suggestions for all the sensations of sight, smell, taste and texture so the smell is nauseating, the sight is repulsive, the feel is horrible and the very idea of smoking makes you want to vomit.
Every aspect of smoking makes you want to get away from it and stay away. The Stop Smoking Aversion script makes the idea of putting a cigarette anywhere near your mouth revolting.


Countdown induction
I wonder if you can imagine being on a hillside somewhere on a nice day...just imagine you are out there somewhere in the country on a nice day... and you begin to walk along...V
and as you walk along you come to this sort of valley ... amongst the hills... And down below it all looks cool and inviting...
and there is a path going down... and you begin to go down that path... and as you go down that path you feel things begin to change.... to get cool and dark and secluded... and you feel comfortable... relaxed... as you go downM
and you come to some water and the water is trickling down rocks like a little waterfall all mossy and soft and gentle... and at the bottom there is a pool..
And by the side of the waterfall there are steps going down to that pool... and you begin to go down those steps...
and there are ten steps down... and as you go down... each step makes you more relaxed... more at ease... and going down those steps now... Ten... nine... more and more relaxed... and eight ... and seven... relaxing deeper and deeper.... and six... and five... and four.... and three... deeper and deeper...count down induction
and then you are at the pool... and standing at the pool you begin to think about drifting deeper still ... and you begin to dream about the pool and what is deep down below that pool...V
Taste aversion Therapy Section
Memoryand you see yourself reflected in that pool... and you see yourself there... going through your day... having a cigarette in the morning... and then one or two during the day ... and then going home... and you see yourself going through all the normal things to do with your day ...V
And then everything goes dark... and it’s another day... but this day is different...Transition
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The rest of the script is in the Stop Smoking collection
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And imagine ending that day... going to bed... and in that bed sleeping... dreaming... dreaming of someone beside a pool... in a dark valley... and that someone realizes that in fact they are waking up....
and it all just seems like a dream... a dream of power and energy... and so begin now to go back up those steps... from one up to ten... and as you do you feel yourself walking away from that habit... leaving it down there and walking up those steps now
One, two, three, four, five... and at five you can look back on that habit and see it for what it is... horrible thing... a horrible thing that disgusts you... and walking up towards that sunlight now... is destroying that old thing.... it is dying there behind you now...
and you are getting ready to come back to the present...six and seven and eight.. almost back into the light... knowing that you have left it all behind...
and nine and ten, back into that sunlit hillside stand there and open your arms and take in a great breath of the clean fresh air and now that you are free, see all the world around you as far as you can see... free, clean and clear...
and when you are ready... open your eyes and come back to the present... NOW.



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