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Hypnosis is easy - Free Hypnosis Tutorial

How to Hypnotize someone

Free hypnosis instructions for the beginner. Hypnotizing someone is actually very easy. This hypnosis beginner script shows you step by step how to do hypnosis. Anyone can learn to hypnotize, and everyone can be hypnotized.

Basically all the instructions are doing is to get the other person to physically relax.  When their body is relaxed, you add a few suggestions about breathing. Then you suggest that  they are feeling sleepy, and most people will go into trance easily and quickly.

Use this method and you can hypnotize most people straight away.  The script gives complete instructions so you can do your first hypnosis induction. Download the script as a pdf.

If you follow this hypnosis script you can become a hypnotist.  Read through the script, and read the guide section that explains how it works. Once you understand the basic idea, you will be able to adapt the script to suit your needs.

When you have hypnotized a few people with this method, you are ready go to more advanced methods.


Hypnosis Susceptibility Test

Finger Steeple Test. This is a test of Hypnosis susceptibility. It can also be used as an induction. Great fun as a demo at a party. Try it. Download this free hypnosis script as a pdf.

Magnetic hands induction - Stage Hypnosis

 Latest addition to our Free Hypnosis Scripts collection. This induction will let you hypnotize a room full of people all at once! If you fancy yourself as a stage hypnotist then is where you start. Learn how to do this Pace and Lead induction to pick out all your highly hypnotizable subjects.

Countdown Induction

The most used induction in hypnosis. Easy to learn and easy to use. Another one of our must-have classic free hypnosis scripts. Part of the Inductions Scripts Bundle.

Free Hypnosis Script  - Self-Hypnosis

Free Hypnosis Script  to Hypnotize Yourself.  The best way to hypnotize other people is to learn what if feels like in yourself. Here is a step by step instruction on how to put yourself into trance.

Self hypnosis can be done anywhere, anytime. You don't need a quiet place, or anything else. I used to hypnotize myself on my daily commute on the subway train to work. Once you learn how to do self hypnosis all you have to do is to 'will yourself' into it when you want to.

This script does not give a set of special words. Instead it describes in detail the process of going into trance. You can use any kind of visualization and many kinds of repetitive phrases.  Once you understand the principles of self hypnosis, you can use almost anything.

And when you do understand the principles, you can put almost anyone else into trance just as easily.

Ocean Breathing

A gentle way to get into trance. This ancient physical breathing routine is used in many meditation methods. It is easy to learn and quite effective. Just follow the steps to enter a meditative state.

Self hypnosis light switch

Easy to learn and powerful. This script puts you into trance by relaxing your muscles, and then quieting any intrusive thoughts. You can extend this script by adding your own touches.

Dave Elman Induction

A traditional but effective way to hypnotize almost anyone. Uses multiple tests and deepeners. Part of the Inductions Scripts Bundle.

Progressive muscle relaxation induction

A new version of the classic induction. Works by tensing and then relaxing all the major muscle groups. Reliable and effective. Every hypnotist needs to be able to do PMR, one of the classic free hypnosis scripts. Part of the Inductions Scripts Bundle.

Personalized Hypnosis Induction

How to create a unique induction for each client with very little effort. Use your client's own experience to take them smoothly into trance easily and quickly. Gives better rapport with your client.

Ego strengthening script

Another classic in our free hypnosis scripts collection. A modern version of a script to increase confidence. Works by boosting the ego instead of trying to reduce the problem. Part of the Clinical Hypnosis Scripts Bundle.

Analyzing with Art Therapy

A fun way to get your client to open up and talk about relationships. Another one of these free hypnosis scripts to get a dinner party going. Fun and therapy at the same time.

Remove Hidden Hypnosis Commands 

When you allow someone to hypnotize you, you are putting your mind in their hands. Sometimes they betray you. This script will remove all hidden hypnosis commands, triggers and seals from your unconscious mind. A powerful way to clear out all commands, whether you originally agreed to them or not.


These free hypnosis scripts are examples of the type of scripts you will get in the Specialist collections.

Now have a look at the professional collections. There is even more there.

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