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Self Hypnosis Light Switch Script

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Self Hypnosis Light Switch Script

The self hypnosis light switch script is a very powerful way of going into trance on your own. It is quick to learn and you can add your own variations to it. It uses a combination of kinaesthetic movement and visualization. It is unusual because it does not use a countdown.  The light switch script shows that self hypnosis does not have to be difficult or take a long time.

Many people find that with self hypnosis they can relax completely without any difficulty. But they cannot get rid of their racing thoughts. The light switch script gives you a way of linking relaxing your body to relaxing your mind. You use the same process to turn off your mind, that you used to turn off your muscles.

Extending the light switch script

As you go into self hypnotic trance it is a good idea to give your subconscious mind something to do. Before you enter trance, give yourself a time limit. Then, give your mind a specific task. For example, say "find three ways that I can study better." Or, think about a problem or issue that you have, and come up with some image, some picture, some symbol, that represents or sums up the issue.

As you go into trance keep that image or symbol in your mind. When you enter trance your unconscious mind will start exploring the links between that symbol, the actual issue, and things you can do about it. At the end of the time limit you will come back to full awareness, and possibly have some new ideas.

Self Hypnosis Light Switch script

TargetRelax the body....Technique
Take a deep breath... and let it go...Slow down
Now take another deep breath... and as you breath out... just allow your whole body to relax and go limp.....the breathing
and on the next breath... allow your eyes to close...eye closure
Now become aware of your body.... notice if there is any tension anywhere.... try shrugging your shoulders and letting them drop..... tense your legs and let them relax.... roll your neck and let it relax.... anywhere that is not loose... just tense and relax... until your whole body feels loose and heavy.... and allow that feeling to continue.Physical relaxation
 Set up the logic
Become aware of the position of your head... your neck...K
And where your head and neck join.... coming from your mind... there are connections... and these connections link your brain... your mind... to your body... every part of your body...  like wires.V
Think about how your mind is connected to your body. Think about that connections as bundles of wire that connect your body to your mind.V
And each bundle connects a different part.
Each bundle has a switch. When you turn the switch off, that part disconnects.M
There are bundles that connect to your muscles. There are bundles that connect to your thoughts.
 CapabilityAnd you can turn that switch on or off.
 Activate the switches
Focus your attention on some part of your body. options
 CapabilityFocusing on one particular part will select the right switch.
There is a connection between that part of your body and a particular part of your mind. And there is a switch that controls that connection. It is like flipping a light switch. You move the switch, you break the connection, that part of your body will go instantly numb. >One action causes a different action
Think about the part of your body that you want to go numb.
 CapabilityNow focus attention on your hands. Under each finger you have a switch. When you press down a finger you turn that switch on or off.
Allow your mind to select a finger or a thumb. Now raise that finger, and let it drop.
Part of your body is starting to go numb.K
Raise the finger again, let it fall, and in another part of you all the muscles are going loose and limp, and soft and heavy. >
It is like a tall building somewhere, in the dark, with all the lights on. As you move that finger, as that finger falls, all the lights on one floor go out, and goes dark. With each movement of your finger more and more floors go dark, until the whole building is dark, and everything around becomes quiet and peaceful and calm.  metaphor
 CapabilityRaise and drop that finger again, until every part of you is totally relaxed.V
Relax your mind
And as every part of your body relaxes more and more, you are slipping into a deep, deep sense of self hypnosis.
And if thoughts, concerns, worries come into your mind, that's okay. Permission
 CapabilityNotice each thought, acknowledge it, and at the same time press down one finger, and flip the switch that turns off that thought.
And as that thought turns off you can relax deeper.
Repeat that with each thought, and as you turn off that thought,  you will go deeper each time.
And then waken up refreshed when you are ready.





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