Sleep without pills

Sleep without pills

Hypnosis for natural sleep without pills

Hypnotherapy for natural sleep

The Sleep without Pills  script is for the person who has got to the stage where they cannot get to sleep without sleeping pills, even though they feel that they do not need them any more.

The script aims to change that belief. It uses a metaphor to convince the person that they have the resources to change. The script is unusual that it uses physical reactions in trance to convince the person that they can change. In hypnosis the person is led through a series of physical activities that reinforce their own resources. This makes it possible for them to believe that they can sleep naturally now.


MemoryAnd thinking about that... you think about that other problem that you had...IInner search
CapabilityThe problem of sleeping... and your realize that something has been holding you back... and maybe that was what you ripped out there... so that you can sleep whenever you choose to sleep. New ability
CapabilityYou can relax yourself this way... and deal with whatever your mind brings up... New resource
 And thinking about those things... ambiguity
MemoryThinking about getting a good night’s sleep... about feeling your eyes heavy... settling on the pillow... getting comfortable... snuggling into the bedclothes... feeling the warmth and the comfort... deepener
LearningAnd realising that pure natural sleep is what your body needs... is what you deserve.... is what you want...Dtarget
CapabilityAnd you can do thisD 
BeliefOver time, you have given yourself a belief... you have allowed it to take root... a belief that you can’t sleep without that little pill... Define problem
CapabilityAnd yet, you know, that you can rip that belief out...DSolution
 That you can choose to have half a pill for a while... and then a quarter of a pill....  
BehaviorAnd then you can get used to the idea of deep peaceful sleep... with no pill...> 
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 The rest of the script is in the collection  
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