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Insomnia Hypnosis Script

Sleep Soundly with Hypnotherapy

Get to sleep though hypnosis trance

Insomnia Hypnosis script for people who can't sleep now, but used to sleep OK. Sometimes sleep problems are just temporary. It is often the case that people usually sleep well, but then something disturbs their sleep patterns, and thereafter they lose the ability to go to sleep easily. What was a temporary disturbance becomes a permanent state.

This script uses a series of hypnotic inductions to take the client into trance. Each induction builds on the last. Together they create the right conditions to allow the person to go into sleep easily and naturally. Once in trance, multiple direct suggestions instruct the unconscious mind on how to welcome sleep, and what to do if sleep doesn't come.

The script can be used in the office to train the unconscious mind, or it can be recorded for the client to listen to at bed time. Clients who listen to it regularly will get into a routine for falling asleep quickly.


 Insomnia direct suggestion  
BehaviourAnd when you get used to relaxing that way... you will be surprised by waking up in the morning... because the last thing you remember... is breathing softly... or numbers disappearing... or lists of words... and you feel so refreshed...DSeeding suggestions
CapabilityAnd once you know how it is so easy to drift away... it just seems so natural...D 
Rulethere are some days when things are on your mind... and you wake up and sleep is elusive... and that's OK... everyone has nights like that... it's just part of the normal cycle of life...IChanging expectations
BehaviourWhen that happens think of what you can do... you can get up... no point in lying there... and do something quiet that normally absorbs you... a hobby... reading a book... quietly knitting or looking through photos... and as you get absorbed in the task, the hobby... whatever seems right to you...Dinstructions for not sleeping
Memoryyou will find yourself relaxing more... getting sleepier... ready to go back to bed... to a lovely warm bed... and a relaxing sleep... and really before you know it is morning and feeling refreshed... stretching... and remembering how you enjoyed that occasional night time interlude...VPost hypnotic suggestion
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