Sleep Anxiety Hypnosis

Sleep Anxiety Hypnosis Script

Less anxiety, better sleep with Hypnosis

Sleep Anxiety Hypnosis

Many people find it difficult to get to sleep, or constantly wake up, because they have a busy mind. They keep thinking about things that can go wrong, or things that happened in the past, or what other people might think about them. The anxiety makes their mind go over and over problems. Their anxiety stops them enjoying  sleep. They need a way to quite their mind. That's what this Sleep Anxiety Hypnosis Script does.

The solution is to show them how to deal with the source of their anxiety. This Sleep Anxiety Hypnosis puts the person into trance. Then it walks the listener through the procedure they have to use. When your mind is in trance, your unconscious mind will allow you access to your deepest worries. These worries, problems, issues are expressed as a feeling. By focusing on the feeling you can get the mind to represent the feeling as an object of some sort.

The technique is to work on the metaphorical object and change it. By changing the object, you are changing the feeling. When you change the feeling you are eliminating the anxiety. When you eliminate the anxiety you eliminate the reasons why people can't sleep.

This technique will help everyone to deal with the things that were keeping them awake. Used consistently it will lead to deep untroubled sleep.

This Sleep Anxiety Hypnosis Script is an updated version of the Affect Bridge. You get the client to feel the bad feelings and then to visualize those bad feelings as a thing, an object. Then by encouraging them to change the object, they are actually changing the feelings. It is direct way of doing what is usually done with Regression to Cause hypnotherapy.


 Allow yourself to get in touch with that feeling... think about the feeling... become aware of that feeling of [name the feeling]  
 and as your drift in that place now... being in that place really allows you to get in touch with those feelings... to become aware of those feelings... to allow the feeling to come up... to make itself known...  
 and now imagine taking that feeling... and going down a long dark corridor... taking the feeling with you. And as you go deeper and deeper down that corridor… that feeling gets clearer... more defined... you begin to get an appreciation of exactly what it is... Permission to examine the feeling
 And as you go deeper into that corridor... other things begin to become clear... other things begin to emerge... that have to do with that feeling...DSuggest resources
 and as those things emerge... things begin to get lighter... you begin to become aware of old feelings... old ideas... things that happened... things you did... things you said... things that were done to you... things that were done to you that have to do with that feeling...  
Rulesand as you go deeper still... all those things are beginning to crowd in on you now... things you never really thought about before... things that never seemed important... things that when you look at them one way mean one thing... and then in a different way mean a different thing... and when is the right time to change the rules... Re-examine old beliefs and rules
Capabilityand as you go down that corridor... just imagine that you could take that feeling... and hold it... you can actually take that feeling in your arms... Turn the feeling into an object
 and become aware of that feeling in a new way... and as you drift deeper and deeper... become of aware of that feeling as an object... imagine it has turned into an object... any kind of object, and notice its shape... its size... its color... the texture... think of what thing it most resembles... what it's like...Mforce attention to all aspects of the object
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 The rest of the script is in the Sleep collection  
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