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Change Your Life with 10 simple things

10 Ways to Change Your Life, feel happier, healthier

Getting Better every day

Here are 10 simple and effective ways to change your life. Everyone gets down from time to time. Everyone needs a bit of boost now and again. There is a lot you can do to change yourself, change your mood and get back to happiness.  Here are ten simple ways of training yourself to change how you feel, and keep you feeling good. You can improve things by yourself. A few simple things every day can have a remarkable effect on your outlook and attitude.

Daily Mental Health Holiday

For your daily mental health holiday, set aside five or 10 minutes each morning. It can be difficult to find the time with family demands and getting off to work, but investing a few minutes in your own mental health can change your life in unexpected ways. Find a quiet place, somewhere you won't be disturbed five or 10 minutes. Sit or lie down, and focus on your breathing. Just be aware of your breathing.

This will have the effect of calming your mind and relaxing your muscles. It is a form of mindfulness. Once you are breathing slowly and gently, deliberately relax your body starting with the shoulders and moving downwards. Deliberately relax your shoulders, then your chest then you're wasting your hips and so on. This will reduce your blood pressure and should derail any anxiety you are feeling.

Then, in that calm state, think of something you would like to achieve today. Something doable, something measurable, something that it is in your power to do, that doesn't depend on someone else doing something first. Find that thing, and tell yourself that you are going to make it happen today.


It doesn't have to be anything big, it just has to be something you can succeed at. Think of how you will feel when you have done it. And then take that feeling with you, and get on with your day as normal.

Daily dose of success

When you get into the habit of doing this daily, two things will happen. Your body will get used to this gentle daily relaxing practice, and your overall stress levels will reduce. The second thing is, that achieving some little thing every day, having a success and feeling good about it, will interrupt any  stress and anxiety before it can build up.

There are many simple exercises like this that you can do to improve your own mental health. Here are some of the most effective ones. Over time, doing these exercises can make a big difference and change your life.

1 question you need to ask.  Asking yourself this question can turn your life around and get you motivated to succeed.

2 Emails you need to send. Get focused, accurate advice from an expert. Advice that will bring exactly the support you need when you need it.. 

3 column exercise. Find out exactly who is running your life, and how to change that. A simple and enlightening exercise in self analysis.

4 way mirror. Use the four mirror exercise to change the way you see yourself. Get an accurate reflection of who you really are.

5 RET questions. Use these five questions to challenge your automatic thinking. How you react depends on how you feel, and how you feel depends upon your beliefs. Questioning your beliefs changes them.

6 effective strategies for ending social shyness. You don't have to be held back by shyness. Learn how to launch yourself onto the social scene. 

7 False assumptions. Many people are unhappy because life doesn't give them what they expect. But in many cases what they expect is actually unreasonable, and the expectations are what is holding them back. 

8 ways to take control. Here are eight things you can do today to improve how you feel. Do them every day and you will improve your self esteem and confidence.

9 ways to get to No. Stop allowing yourself to be bullied into doing things for other people. It is hard to say no, but easy to not say 'Yes'. Here's how.

10 Steps to happiness. Ten little things to steadily improve your life. Easy to do, and very powerful.




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