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IBS is not all in the mind, but your mind has a powerful connection with your gut. So you can use your mind to control what happens in your gut. This script uses a Change Work Parts metaphor to help you visualize how your mind can change your IBS.

It leads you into a soft trance. In that trance you go into some deep place inside. There you meet the part of your mind that controls all the other parts. That part reveals you have been there before to attempt to change your IBS. It did not work, so they gave up.

This time you take control. You make up an IBS Change Work team out of different parts. They try to make the changes needed. They partly succeed, but you want total success.

So you create another team and those parts succeed in making the changes you want. But there is a snag. You over come the shag, and use your own inner strength to banish the IBS forever.

A powerful and effective visualization that acknowledges the difficulties of IBS but shows how you can succeed finally.


Extract from IBS Change Work Script

Change Work Parts section
And as you begin to wonder what this other thing might be, you hear a voice in your mind saying "Why have you brought me here?".
And you think "I haven't brought anyone anywhere".
And you think "Who are you?"
The voice says "I am the part of you that controls all the other parts. I am the part of you that makes you who you are. I am the part of you that determines what you think, and what you feel. I am the part of you that makes you worry, makes you [problem], I'm the part that makes you happy and makes you sad."Start of parts therapy
"I'm kind of like a manager. I combine all the other parts. The result of my work determines who you are, and what you do".
"Why have you summoned me? Whenever you come to this place, I have to appear. Tell me what it is that you want."
And you think "there's all sorts of things that I want. I want to get on in life, I want to be more confident, I want to end the IBS, can you do that for me?"IBS help
And the voice says, "Many of them are connected. Is it that what you really want me to change in your life?"
And something inside you answers…  "I need to end my digestion problems. Please do that."A
CapabilityAnd a voice answers, "OK. we can do that. You have that ability".A
And then that presence makes a gesture, and speaks in a strange language… and all around you, on the edge of your vision… things begin to appear.VParts Metaphor
And they are like little doors… or houses… or something like that. And in each of them appears a thing. Some look like little people, some of them look like little animals… some of them are just colours… some of them are just shapes… and some you don't know what it is.
And you think, "What is all this?"
And that voice in your mind says "these are all the parts of you. These are all the parts that make you who you are. These parts determine what you do, what you feel. My job is to coordinate them. My job is to get them to give you what you want."Promised solution
CapabilityAnd I want you now to think about what it is that you want. Because you can have it. Together these parts have the power to create it.
And you look around and try to determine what all these parts are. You look at one and you say to yourself "that's the part of me that has a sense of humor… I can tell that… and that's the part of me that gets angry… and that's the part of me that gets ashamed…  there's the part of me that has pride in learning… and that's the part of me that’s got discipline."Identifying resources
And you look around and you try to work out what all these different parts are. And as you scan over all these parts you can see there is this one and that one and then you realize… There is one missing!Missing resource
There is a gap. There is a place where something should be there and it is empty.
And you say to the voice "Why is there a gap there, what is that?" And the voice says "Ah, yes. That's the part that keeps giving you the upset bowel. That's the part that is causing your gut problem. The part that keeps coming back.
. . . . . . . .
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The rest is in the IBS HEALTH COLLECTION
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