Healing Hypnosis Scripts

Healing Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnotherapy for Health

Healing Hypnosis Scripts

Healing Hypnosis Scripts change the connection between your mind and your body.

Healing Hypnosis Scripts work by letting your mind relax its guard, and open up to healing suggestions. You help people with health problems by replacing the unconscious fears hidden  in their own mind. Healing Hypnosis can make startling improvements to your quality of life. Healing Hypnosis Scripts  can change how you think, how you feel, and really make a difference.


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Eczema Control script

This Eczema Psoriasis Hypnosis script gives a natural option for some chronic skin problems. Your skin is very sensitive to psychological influence. Long term skin problems are usually the result of stress. Remove the cause of the stress and your skin rapidly heals.

Asthma Control Metaphor script

Asthma Control script shows how to use metaphor to control psychological reactions to stress. You can use this technique as a model to apply to other psychosomatic problems.

Picky eater script for children

How to get your child to eat anything. This healing hypnosis script uses the child's imagination and their love of a good story to avoid battles at mealtimes. Get your child back to normal eating.

HLTH04 Stop Bed Wetting

Stop Bed Wetting 

Uses pendulum magic to convinced the bed wetting child that he has a magic superpower. This is demonstrated to him by controlling a pendulum. He can use his superpower to stop wetting the bed.

Recovering from Miscarriage script

Recovering from Miscarriage script gives a gentle way for a woman to re-interpret what happened to her. The script prepares her to try again and feel good about herself.

Hypnosis Fertility script

Harmony fertility script gives the woman a way to reconcile conflicting parts of her body. Sometimes a woman feels as if there is a barrier in her mind stopping her getting pregnant. This script takes her into her own unconscious mind and works out a way to keep all parts of her happy.

Conception Hypnosis

This script is for women who are trying to get pregnant. It puts the woman into a trance and then connects her to a spiritual feeling of connection with other women.

Fairy tale therapy

A script to rewrite your life. Create a metaphor of your life in the form of a fairy tale. By working through your fairy tale you will find the magic to change.

End Nail Biting with hypnosis

Nail biting is a common outcome from anxiety. This script lets you end nail biting. It uses a mixture of hypnotic techniques to ensure that all triggers for the nail biting are neutralized.

Grief Therapy Healing Hypnosis Scripts

Grief is a natural and normal response to the loss of a loved one. Loss can trigger an inappropriate behavior. It can be regret at not having done or said something. It can be guilt. It be just a feeling of lack of completion. Healing Hypnosis Scripts to let go of the past.

Inner Child Release

We all have an inner child, and if that child is unhappy then we are unhappy too. Nothing will seem right until that inner child is released from the prison inside us. This exercise allows you to get in touch with your own inner child and arrange the release.

Controlling IBS Symptoms

Once you discover that you actually have some conscious control over your internal movements, your are much more willing to accept the idea that you can manage your own care and learn to get well. This is reinforced in the Personal Ability direct suggestion section.

Blood Needle Fainting Phobia

Many people faint at the sight of blood. This properly called Blood Needle Phobia. This is not actually a phobia. It is a physical response to blood. It can also be triggered by any medical procedure, or just the thought of one.

Anxiety Control

You can learn to control your level of anxiety. Anxiety Control can reduce your anxiety whenever you need. Just knowing that you are able to let go of stress, to control how you feel, moment to moment is wonderfully effective at controlling anxiety.

Hair Pulling

It starts as a bad habit and then leads to embarrassment or even damage to your looks. Hypnosis can take away the anxiety and stress that causes and continues hair pulling.


Learn Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis lets you explore your own mind. Many of things that trouble our bodies actually come from our minds. Self Hypnosis  opens the portal to your unconscious mind. From there you can change almost anything.

Worry Garden Metaphor

Imagine planting all your worries in a magical garden. This metaphor lets you let go and stop worrying. Listen to the gentle words and imagery and have a happy time planting and pruning everything that you want to leave outside.

Motivation to Exercise and Diet

The most common request is motivation for exercise and diet. This script uses multiple techniques to create motivation. Get the client convinced that they can and will get moving.


Healing Hypnosis  Scripts

Healing Hypnosis Scripts


I need the Healing Hypnosis Scripts Collection!

only $19.95

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