Fairy tale therapy

Fairy Tale Therapy

Emotional healing Fairy Tale Therapy Exercise

How to rewrite your future by rewriting your past

Fairy Tale therapy allows people to rewrite their own personal history as a way of emotional healing. What you do is to get them to write a fairy tale, with a beginning, a middle and an end. The fairy tale is the story of their life, as told to a child, in the form of a metaphor.

The tale can be about their upbringing generally, or a specific event in their school years or some earlier event that strongly influenced their life and attitudes. Their story should involve animals, or kings and queens, or mystical beings, or gods and heroes, or anything else that you might find in that kind of tale.

This is an exercise done while awake, but it accesses the unconscious mind through the medium of story telling. Getting people to write out it makes it more real, more personal, and going over it several times until it is right gives the mind time to consider all the possible ways out of the current problem situation.

Fairy tale therapy is a form of spiritual therapy, and a powerful way of creating change in people who might not like the idea of hypnosis, or who don't want to revisit all the painful episodes in their own life.


Your story should have four parts.
1) a part that starts with 'once upon a time....'
This part describes the event or events or the situation generally, and how they created the spiritual wound that affected the young character's life from then on. It clearly identifies the source of the problems and why they occurred.
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