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Metaphor Therapy Techniques

Hypnotherapy using Metaphor

Metaphor Therapy techniques

Most hypnotherapy is based on metaphor. There are specialist pages on this website that give examples of pure metaphor techniques. Theses include Reframing, client generated metaphors, and metaphor replacement therapy. These are all classed as clinical metaphors.

Many other metaphor therapy techniques do not rely on a formal metaphor approach. This section shows some of the more unusual metaphor techniques.


Dragon Slaying

A colorful metaphor technique that can be used to clear many different problems. Many therapy tecniques use variations of the basic technique of Attribute Reversal. 

Vivification Technique

Almost any feeling or habit can be turned into an image. That image is actually a metaphor for how the person feels. By changing the image you change how they think, and how they feel. Vivification allows the therapist to suggest a feeling is like some object. Then the object is brought to life. It is quick and easy to do, and often very effective.

Reveal all with Art Therapy

Art therapy lets you find out what the other person is thinking, Just by getting them to draw a simple sketch they are opening up their own subconscious mind. A quick drawing shows how they get on with their parents and friends, how they think and even about sex. 

Eye Gaze Therapy 

Look into my eyes... and find yourself there. A simple and powerful way to improve your relationships and explore your own mind. Helps to create empathy. Eye gaze lets you connect to others at the deepest level.  Learn how to do it, singly or with a group.

Focusing Therapy

A disciplined form of self hypnosis. Sets out a framework for getting into your own subconscious mind. 

Sports Visualization

To beat others you first have to win the mental game. Visualization clears away all negative thoughts and doubts and lets you  perform at your best. This direct suggestion scripts show how to structure a sports visualization for any sport.

Fairy tale therapy

Rescue your inner child. This technique uses the exercise of writing your life as if it was a fairy tale. Then a magic person arrives and helps you re-write your fairy tale. By revising the fairy tales you rewrite your future. Powerful and emotional.

Gestalt Metaphor therapy

Gestalt therapy focuses on making the client aware of what they are doing at every given moment. Until you are aware of what you are doing you cannot really control it. Gestalt therapy developed unique metaphor and non-metaphor techniques for change. Many other therapies have borrowed these techniques. 

Dissociation from yourself 

Dissociation methods allow you to see yourself as if looking at someone else. You then assess, or counsel, or change that stranger. By doing that, you change yourself. This exercise shows how you can change yourself by visualizing how you can be different.



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