Guided Visualization Focusing

Guided Visualization Focusing

Visualizing your inner self

Guided Visualization Focusing script

This is a longer and more complex guided visualization technique that goes beyond simple guided imagery. Guided Visualization Focusing is a powerful technique used to get into the emotional part of your life, to identify and remove emotional or psychological blocks.

Find somewhere quiet
Relax and close your eyes.
Take a deep breath and let it go noisily.
Do it again
Take another breath and just let it go gently, but as you do shrug your shoulders and let your arms relax.
Take another breath and let it go gently, and as you do allow you arms and legs to get heavy.
Allow your breathing to settle and focus on each out breath.
Just become aware of the breath coming out.
Focus on your breath, as it comes in gently and goes out gently.
Focus your awareness on the passage of the air as it passes inside your head and throat.

Countdown Induction

Now, count to yourself as you breathe. With each breath out, say 'twenty', then 'nineteen'.... and so on As each number arrives think of it in a different colour, or texture, or style.... As each breath goes out... imagine the number moving further away... As you think of each number imagine you are getting loose and limp and letting go more and more...

Then with the next breath the next number starts further away and as you breath out gets further away still... Keep doing that until you just cannot think of the next number... and the numbers are too far away.... if you get down to 'one' then start again at 'twenty' but use a different style of number, maybe made of cloth this time... and continue to imagine each number getting more distant.

At some point you will find you are totally relaxed and don't care about the numbers... you just can't think of the next one....

Enter the Guided Visualization Focusing State

You are now in the Guided Visualization Focusing State....

Now allow your mind to drift to a problem, or some incident... or whatever you choose to think about. Allow your mind to drift over the various parts until you get a feeling, a tension, some sort of emotional reaction.

It is quite possible that you will be jerked out of the State by the emotion, the fear.

That is OK.

Remember, nothing in your own mind can ever harm you.

Give yourself a few moments and then go back to the breathing and repeat the procedure. At some point you will find part of you relaxed and part of you feeling the negative emotion.

You will not be able to do this instantly. Do not give up if you cannot immediately get this to work.
You will have to practice it.
A lot.

Many people use visualization because they cannot relax. This is the method that will get you to relax.

What is happening for people who say they cannot visualize is often that as they begin to relax the anxiety creeps out of its box and causes them to be afraid and they snap right out of relaxation again so they never actually get to relax.
When you are in the flow State the first thing you will notice is that the negative feeling is not actually all that bad once you mentally acknowledge and accept that it is there and has a right to be there.
It is a legitimate part of you and has to be acknowledged.
Then what you do is get curious about the emotion, the tingle, the feeling, the fear, whatever it is that you are feeling. Just become aware of it... of its shape, colour, however you experience it.
Then ask your mind to allow you to have a image of that feeling, fear.... etc.

Just wait, and something will appear.
You will know it when you get it.

Explore the State through visualization

Then start to play with the image. It might be a memory. Doesn't matter. Allow the question to drift into your mind 'what would be fun to have happen to this image?' Do not force anything. Just let your mind roam over possibilities, and something will seem just right.

Try that something, allow it to change color lour, change shape, whatever. At some point you might find that it just does not want to change any more. That point is where you ask 'what is it for? What is the purpose of this thing?' And you wait for an answer. You ask the thing, not yourself.
Just allow you mind to be blank and it will come to you.

If you find yourself thinking in words and worrying about whether you are doing it right then you have left the State and need to start over and go back into it.
After a while you will be able to relax right into the State after the first few breaths.
When you ask it what it is for, you will get an answer of some sort. This may be a revelation in your understanding of your self or it may be something that you decide you don't want. Either way you take the answer and you start asking for an image of that and you go through the process again of allowing that image to change. Either you won't be able to change it any further and you know how to deal with that, or you will find that it just spontaneously clears. You will know in yourself that it has cleared.

Repeat the Guided Visualization Focusing Cycle

The whole cycle will take twenty minutes or more, depends. But as you do it over and over, you will get better and better at visualizing.
Just don't force it.
If you consciously try, the only thing that happens is you leave the State instantly.
Once you get into the flow State, you will recognise it again immediately and you will know when you are or are not in the State.

When you feel you have come out of it, just relax your mind and go back down into it. That is the state of complete dissociation, which is what meditation, yoga and mindfulness are aiming for.

People who can't relax and can't visualize don't know what that experience is like, which is why they are not able to achieve it. They are trying too hard. The moment you stop trying, it will appear.

For each session start off where you left the last one.
You will enjoy getting in touch with your inner self.




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