falling leaf induction


Swirling paper falling leaf visualization induction


The Swirling Paper Induction is a revised version of the Falling Leaf induction. It works by suggesting dissociation into a familiar snugly place, and then visualizing and pacing a bit of paper being picked up by the wind and swirling and drifting down and down.

Advantages: It is simple to visualise so works with poor visualisers. Hypervigilant people find the imagery easy to follow and non-threatening. It is better to use paper rather than the traditional leaf. People find it hard to decide what type of leaf to use or to visualize a particular leaf. Paper is much simpler.

Disadvantages: Best used after another induction

Uses: Tag it on to the end of the induction if you think there is any doubt at all about whether the client is fully in trance. Then test with a finger lift.


 [Start after the eyes are closed] 
 And as you are lying there... eyes closed... muscles relaxing... hearing these words...Pacing
 you can experience many things... and my voice can become the voice of anyone you want it to be... the voice of a teacher... the voice of a friend... something from long ago....Visualisation
 My voice can become the sound of rain on the roof.. or the sound of a branch tapping on the window sill on a winter's night...Dissociation
MemoryWhile you are curled up snug in a warm bed... feeling safe and secure and relaxed... knowing that everything is OK....suggestion of settling down
 and I wonder if you can imagine an empty street somewhere... and the wind blowing along that empty street...Visualisation
 and as the wind blows along it picks up a bit of paper... tumbling along the street... and then that wind picks up the bit of paper.... lifts it and drops it ... and lifts it and drops it.... 
 and the wind picks up the paper... carries it.... safe and secure... swirling whirling around.... carries it up into the air.... higher and higher... away from this place... and that peice of paper twists and turns.... rolls and rotates... and the wind carries it ever higher.... safe, supported.... 
 and then the wind begins to let that paper down... and you can feel that paper moving left and right.... to right and left ... and left and right.... and that's left is to be right.. and right to the left ... that's right... it's right to be right and what's left is left... then that's right again to be left on the right...Confusion technique
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