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This hypnosis script is designed to manage IBS. The IBS client is asked to visualize a control panel of some sort. In the centre is a large glass dial like a clock with a large indicator hand that can move up and down the scale. The client is told that the dial represents the current state of their IBS. Any time they want to change their level of comfort all they have to do is call up the control panel and move the dial. The client is instructed to make their condition slightly worse, so that the indicator on the dial moves up. This is done to give the client an experience of control, to believe that they can actually make a difference to their own condition. The client is then instructed to move the dial the other way, to make their condition slightly better. Once the client discovers that they actually have some conscious control over their internal movements they are much more willing to accept the idea that they can manage their own care and learn to get well. This is reinforced in the Personal Ability direct suggestion section.
This script is remarkably effective for controlling IBS symptoms like Wobbly Tummy.

EXTRACT from IBS Control Script

TargetTaking back controlTechnique
Capabilityyou can do that easily..... just a little.... can't you.... now...DIncrementalism
CapabilityAnd now.... move that indicator down a lot..... make a significant movement down.... and feel that IBS recede, feel a real difference as the indicator goes down and stays down....D
and now move that indicator down even lower.... all the way down to the bottom..... all the way down.....D
and now move it up just a little... so that there is just a tiny bit of IBS left for you... IBS is a message that there is something not right... that you should be careful with that part of the body,....
Beliefso if you want to... you can leave a little.... just enough to remind you that you need to take a little care.....for those can't accept a cure
And you have now learned how to control this thing.... and anytime you want to vary the level .... any time you forget..... you can use the control panel..... move that indicator.... and it will move with it....
CapabilityBecause you are in control... and isn't that something good to know?
Personal Ability Section
CapabilityBecause you can learn. You have learned so many things. Things you already do but you don't know how you do them. Things like choosing what to wear... what goes with what. You don't know how you know that, but you know when it is wrong. And you know when it is right.>
IdentityYou know how to get things right.DAmbiguity
IdentityYou are the kind of person who learns things automatically, unconsciously, without even realising it.D
BeliefAnd that means that you can learn to control your IBS.>
CapabilityYou can learn to monitor what is going on in your life, and how that affects your body, and you can learn to automatically adjust, to cope, to decide what to ignore and what to act on.D
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[The rest of this script is in the IBS Hypnotherapy Collection ]
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