Control Eating

Control Eating Hypnosis Script

Quickly Remove the triggers that control eating habits

Control eating with hypnosis

The control eating script is used where a client has an eating problem, can control it sometimes, but then feels compelled to start again.

Part of it is based the technique of anchoring and part on visualisation. It links the client’s inner strengths and personal beliefs to external triggers, so that when the trigger event happens they are reminded of their inner strengths.

The script uses three different anchoring strategies.

NLP anchoringThe first section uses a physical metaphor to anchor feelings of determination to squeezing their fist shut. The second section uses the idea of a Magic Word. This is associated to a visual metaphor. The third reminds them that they have the ability to succeed if ever they feel tempted to start again. Section 4 creates an anchor between a color and the desired situation. The script uses a post hypnotic suggestion of using the color to constantly remind them that they can succeed in not eating when they don't have to.


Therapy Section
You have been able to stop eating at times, but something seems to be trying get you to think about doing the bad eating behaviour again, even though part of you doesn't want to...Empathy
RuleThis is telling you something important...Reframe
Capabilityit is telling you that you need to be able to remind yourself whenever that feeling comes back, of why you need to stop...D
and to remind yourself that you can change... that you have that power... that you can succeed...Reconnect to success
CapabilityWith self-hypnosis you will succeed in controlling the physical and emotional tension you feel about eating.>
CapabilityWith this skill you will experience things in a new way, a way that gives you the confidence, strength and success you need.DInevitability
CapabilityIt will help you reduce anxiety because hypnosis is a mental process that leads to physical relaxation and physical relaxation leads to letting go tension... and letting go tension means you can stop the eating need...>
IdentityYou will feel stronger and more confident.DOutcome
With self hypnosis you will experience your feelings from a new perspective, and this will let you dismiss temptation with confidence and calmness.> Reframing
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