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 Hypnosis Sleep Script Trance into deep sleep

Often people believe that they don't sleep well and that they lie awake at night for hours. Just as often, this is wrong. It is summed up in the old phrase "I was up all night for an hour". You think you are awake for hours, but actually are not. They need a self hypnosis sleep script. Something to make them feel positive about being able to get to sleep

There are many scripts designed to induce sleep in people who have trouble sleeping. But there are built-in problems with such scripts. For example, what to do when the listener falls asleep while the recording is still going on? There is also the problem of  how to finish the script when the listener might actually be asleep.

This script takes a different approach. It does not try to lull the listener into sleep. Instead it takes the person into trance and shows them what trance feels like so they know that they can use this to go to sleep on their own without a recording or any other sleep aid.

This Hypnosis Sleep Script is designed to teach people how to go to sleep and to instill the belief that they really can go to sleep. It teaches them that they can go into trance, and that going into trance is the way to go to sleep.


CapabilityYou are the kind of person goes into trance easily... and you can always start by breathing and repeating the word ‘wun’... and relaxing your muscles...D 
 And you are probably not aware that right now your body is relaxing more with every sound... every feeling.... everything is leading you gently deeper into relaxation... your breathing pattern has changed.. and each breath is letting go easier and easier... And if you stop listening you will go straight into sleep... Pacing and leading
CapabilityAnd so what you want to do each night... is just focus on this ability... Because this is something you have done... It is not something I did... So what it means is that you can relax your body all the way down... easily and quickly... in two or three minutes... to the point where you can test it by thinking about your eyes... and realize that you just can’t open them..  
 And that is how you know you are in trance....  
 And at that point, you can choose to just think of the word ‘wun’ and you will slide away gently... and you will feel as if you are not sleeping... but you are. Reframe
 And you get more rest when you are in trance than you do in normal sleep because when you are in trance you are in REM sleep, which is the one that counts... and in REM sleep your mind will start to drift away... you will start to think about things... and your eyes will begin to flicker... and you will be deeply deeply relaxed...I 
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 The rest of the script is in the collection  
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