Stop Teeth Grinding

Stop Teeth Grinding

End bruxism while you sleep

End Teeth Grinding with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can stop teeth grinding (bruxism) during sleep. The symptoms include headaches, sore jaw, and worn teeth. The underlying cause is anxiety. Often the habit of teeth grinding or teeth clenching started in childhood. The original anxiety has long gone, but the habit of grinding teeth remains. Hypnosis can stop it by treating the anxiety. But it can also work on the physical habit. You can stop teeth grinding during the night by subconsciously getting the sleeper to relax their jaw muscles.

This script primes the subconscious mind to become aware of when the client is grinding their teeth. It gently interrupts the process. Although the sleeper doesn't know when they are grinding their teeth, the subconscious mind does know. And you can then get the subconscious to take over and release the tension for the sleeper.



Capabilitythat mind of yours will allow you to make the changes you want...
and while you are in this state... you are not really asleep...
you are aware of what is going on... and you are aware of your muscles...Awareness
Control of the Jaw muscles when asleep
and I would like you now to focus your attention on muscles of your jaw...
those strong muscles that keep your jaw tight... and I want you to become exquisitely aware of those muscles... and to feel them relaxing now... feel those muscles releasing all the tension... K
allowing you to have a gap between your teeth... allowing you to separate your upper and lower jaws...
Capabilityand when you are in this state now... part of your mind is awake and alert... and looking after you... and when you are in this state when sleeping... part of your mind can be awake and alert... and looking after you... monitoring the muscles and the jaw... and allowing those jaw muscles to relax... to be loose,... and limp ... and free...D
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The rest of the script is in the Sleep collection
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