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Hypnosis to stop eating

Change the way you think about food

Hypnosis the power to resist temptation

Get the power to stop eating through hypnosis. This script is aimed at the person who knows that they shouldn’t eat but gives in to temptation every time. It focuses on stopping eating sugar, but can be adapted to other things. It works to convince the client that being in hypnosis gives them the ability to change. Then it builds on the theme of change to help them stop their problem eating.

The suggestions include replacing dieting with a life style change, and gives simple rules to follow to lose weight. It also addresses the issues of emotional eating due to moods.


Belief in the power of Hypnosis
BeliefYou are getting ready for a new start, a better way of living, a healthy way of living... to have the life you want... a way to get what you really want...DAmbiguity to cover all possibilities
CapabilityBy coming here today, you have started on the road to having the body you want... to becoming who you want to be... to being your ideal body weight...DReason for change
CapabilityBy choosing hypnosis you are going to be able to open up all the powers of your own mind... and to use those powers to change how you feel and act and think...>Need...
BeliefHypnosis changes every part of your mind... so you can change every part of your body... and that means you can get control over your body by changing your behaviour...>... method..
CapabilityAnd that will give you the ability to get the shape and weight you want... easily and forever......result...
Belief...problem eating will be a thing of the past.D... outcome
Change is happening now
CapabilityWhat you are doing now will ensure that you can change permanently>Ambiguity
Your subconscious mind needs to change...Need...
...and this session today will make those changes ...... method...
... and change at the center changes every part of every cell throughout your whole body...... result...
Capability...which means that every cell is now filled with power......outcome
Behaviour... the power that will carry you on to success.
Banish Dieting
RuleLosing weight is a success. Eating better is a success. Clever weight loss is about managing your eating. Eating is a pleasure... dieting is a drag... you don’t have to diet to lose weight...DNeed
BehaviourYou won’t have to diet any more... diet is about denial... about ignoring your body...Need
Behaviourdieting doesn’t work... hypnosis does... you will succeed with hypnosis.>Resource
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The rest of the script is in the Weight Loss collection
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