weight loss parts reframe

Weight loss parts reframe therapy

Reprogram the part of you that wants to eat

Weight Loss Reframe Script

The Six Step Reframe Script is an NLP technique. The weight loss parts reframe is used in situations where 'part of me wants to stop bingeing, but part of me enjoys doing it'.

The Reframe technique allows you slow down your thinking so that you can control the different parts of you that are causing your problem.

The Reframe Script is based on Parts Therapy, where one part takes charge and asks other parts to change. The script asks the part that wants to eat to reveal its purpose, and asks it to negotiate with other parts to keep the purpose but do it in a different way.


STEP THREE - Identify the part's intention
Now ask the part if it will let you know what its function is... what it is trying to do for you... every part of you is trying to protect you... trying to help you... ask it to let you know what it trying to do, what it thinks it has been aiming for all this time...
memoryNow wait... allow the part to make you aware of its intentions... you may get a memory... you may get an image or a symbol or a word... the part will signal in a way that makes sense to it... it will find a way to communicate its purpose to you...
When you get the message... it may be obvious... it may be unclear... it may be that somehow you just know what it is about... thank that part for allowing you to share in that knowledge... all options
Allow it to become clear in your mind what the part was trying to do... or find something that symbolizes the intention... or a feeling that sums it up...
Now that you know what the part was trying to do for you... tell the part that you appreciate its help... that you recognize its intention was worthwhile... and ask if it is OK if it can still do that for you... but in a different way?
Wait for the answer... if you get a clear answer 'yes' or you feel it OK for the change to happen then go on ...
if the answer is 'no' then ask the part if it will let you know why it won't change the way it does it... and communicate with the part until it is happy to go on...
STEP FOUR - Think about alternatives  
Now it is time to bring some other parts into that place... and you might think of it as a committee room of some sort... or a convention... a market place... some place where many different parts can come together to meet and mingle...
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