Hypnosis Script Weight Loss Motivation

Hypnosis Script Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation Exercise Weight Loss Willpower

Motivation for Exercise and Diet

This hypnosis script Weight Loss Motivation is for anyone who needs to be motivated to get out and exercise, and to eat healthier. It mixes direct hypnotic suggestions with metaphors for self esteem, leaving behind bad influences, changing inner beliefs and taking charge of your life.

The Hypnosis Script Weight Loss Motivation is in several sections. You do not need to use all the sections at once. Only use the sections that you think are most appropriate for your particular client.


You have started to change
Identityand see yourself walking along... in the street, maybe... proud, strong... others looking at you sideways... thinking how does he do it... How good would that make you feel about yourself?
MemoryAnd maybe walking into the gym and feeling at home with eveyone there... the younger guys looking at you ... wanting to be like you ... see older guys looking at you with approval ... giving you advice... taking notice of you...
IdentitySee yourself losing weight... bulking out... muscle... strength... speed... energy... and you want that [clientname] don't you? And you are going to have that [clientname], aren't you? That's right.V
And you just focus on that mirror... you just focus on looking at how you want to be... that perfect, perfect image of yourself.VVisualisation
BehaviourAnd maybe you can imagine a path coming back from that image... to where you are now... and you can see every step in that path... you see how you get there... you can see how you do that... you can see yourself gathering the resources you need... picking up the things you want... making that happen, making that a reality... And you can do that...V
BehaviourAnd I think you know that you have started now... you have made that first tiny change... just imagine that tiny change... like a pebble can start an avalanche... and that will go on and multiply and increase and change and change.KIncrement-alism Metaphor
IdentityAnd every day is another step towards that image... until the day comes when you can step right into that mirror... and just merge into that body and you and it are the same... you are that same person and you have arrived... and you will be like that for ever... exactly how you want to be. And that's a good thing, isn't it? Yeah... that's a very good thing.
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The rest of the script is in the Weight Loss collection
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