increase confidence exercise

Increase Confidence Exercise

Increase Confidence and Self Esteem

Choose your own confidence level

Increase confidence exercise to get yourself back on track. Confidence and self esteem is one of the most common things that people come to hypnotherapy for.

The increase confidence exercise is based on the principle of disassociation. It asks the person to write down all the good things they can remember in their life.

While doing that, while reminiscing about things in the past the mind will naturally go into a light trance. Within that trance the things that are stopping confidence will also come up. The person is told to write down all the not-so-good things on a separate sheet of paper.

Then the person is told to dissociate, to see themselves as if from the other side of a glass dome. Once that disassociation is established, they are told that there is another person there with them outside the dome. That person acts as a resource.

The person is then told to associate back into themselves with all the good feelings that were generated by the 'other person'. Finally, they take the sheet of paper with all the bad things on it, and tear it up.


Setup: get into a place where you won’t be disturbed for half an hour. You will need several sheets of paper or something similar to write on, and something to write with.

Suppose that you are going for a job as a confidence coach. Think of what you would do to give other people confidence.Break state.
One of the things you would do would be to give them examples of the things that give you confidence. 
So on your paper start to write down all the successes you have had.Action
Think about the things that you are proud of, little things, things then the quiet moments you feel good about. Everyone has these. Think about the time when you did something clever at work, even if no one else noticed it. Write it down. Think of things you did when you were a kid. Think of what you did good in school. 
Think of when you achieved things, when you did things better than the other kids. Write that down. 
Then continue thinking up and down your life remembering all the things you did, big and little, or you helped other people or where you succeeded unexpectedly, are you just get real satisfaction from doing something.Accessing unconscious
As you think about these, it is quite possible that other things will try to interfere. Things that weren’t so good, things that happened, things that you did that you not so proud of.Deal with old issues
It’s okay. Everyone has those things too.Permission
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