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Supernatural Hypnosis Scripts

Paranormal Mystic Psychic Speering PLR

Supernatural Hypnosis Scripts

This scripts collection covers many different techniques for accessing the unconscious mind. The collection includes many unusual scripts such as Past Life Regression, Locating Lost Items, Totem Spirit Guide, and reversing the effects of Alien Abduction.

Cultures all over the world have recognized the power of the 'dreamtime', of the supernatural ability to know the unknowable, to get in touch with other realms, to communicate directly through spirituality to some higher power. Now experience it for yourself.

Your unconscious mind opens up in hypnosis.

Spirituality also includes Eastern concepts. There are Chakra exercises and how to do an Out Of Body experience. Plus bonus scripts to  explore other aspects of your mind's special powers.

Are you ready to expand your horizons and go into the supernatural realm of  hypnosis?

8 Supernatural Hypnosis Scripts

Find Lost Items Script

Use hypnosis to explore your unconscious mind to find lost items. You unconscious mind may remember where you put it, even if you don't. The location may be hidden deep in your mind. This script may be the way to get it out again.

Past Life Regression Script

How to do a Past Life Regression. Find out if you had a past life. Maybe your troubles in this life are due to something you did in a past life. You will never know if you don't ask. Find out what might be hidden in the place where souls never die.

Out of Body Experience

Use Astral Projection to float out of your body and up into the space between the stars. You can have an Out-of-Body experience and explore the Universe. This script combines astrological wisdom with the capabilities of your own unconscious mind. Why not see where it might lead you?

Six Step Reframe Script

The Six Step Reframe Script lets you journey into the deepest parts of your own mind.  In trance you are taken to a place where you can meet the controller of your destiny. There you are free to seek the answers to whatever you want to know. The limitless knowledge of your own inner mind is there for the asking. Are you bold enough to ask?

Totem Animal Script

Get connected to your totem animal. Every living thing has a spirit and you can allow that to guide you. This script puts you in touch with your totem animal spirit. Once connected, you can follow your totem animal back to the spirit of your ancestors in the dream time. Ready to try this scary adventure into the unknown?

Chakra Energy Balancing exercises

Locate the source of your Psychic Energy with these four Chakra Energy Balancing exercises. Your seven chakras determine your overall health and wellbeing. Adverse events can knock them out of balance. This script shows how to get your body and mind back into harmony. Maybe you need this now?

Alien abduction Script

Alien Abduction and UFO. Use this script to de-program victims of UFO abduction.  In trance the abductee once again meets the aliens. But this time they apologize for any harm. The aliens then give a special alien power as restitution. Your client is then taken back to normal life knowing why they were abducted, and with a feeling of belonging to something higher.

Timeline Therapy

Imagine your life laid out as a line. You can step on to the line at a point that represents right now. You can move back to the beginning of your life. From there, look along your timeline, noticing what needs to be changed. Then you gather all your life time resources and clear away all the bad stuff from your timeline.

+ 3 Bonus Scripts

Increase Confidence Metaphor script

Increase Confidence with this unconscious mind script. Use your past successes to give you increased confidence in the future. A powerful exercise that finds your own inner resources and applies them to solving your current problems. If you have a pen and paper, why not make a start?

Worry Garden script

The Worry Garden script is an extended metaphor for removing stress, similar to the Worry Tree. Imagine transforming all your problems into flowers and shrubs by planting them in the magic garden of your mind. Try it out.

Analyzing with Art Therapy

Get your client to talk about what they feel. Art Therapy is a simple drawing technique that opens a window into their unconscious mind. Also a great way to get a dinner party talking. Easy to do. Always insightful and fun.


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