Pendulum Hypnosis Induction

Pendulum Hypnosis Induction Script

Pendulum Hypnosis Swinging Chain

Pendulum Hypnosis Induction Script

A Simple Hypnosis Induction

The pendulum hypnosis script is a fun induction that you can use for a bit of guerrilla hypnosis. It is really a trick, but you can use it convince people that you have magic powers, or you can tell them that it is all being caused by the power of hypnosis. Get them to hold some kind of weight on a string, and you can hypnotize most people. It looks like you are causing the pendulum to move by the power of your mind.

In fact, the pendulum moves because of tiny tremors in the muscles of the hand of the person holding the pendulum. It cannot not move. All you have to do is to suggest that you are causing the movement, and the person will believe you, because it really is moving and they don't know why.

Gullible people have been taken in by this demonstration for centuries, and it is still used by fortune tellers today. I have added an induction on to the end. It also works well as a party trick. Simple and Powerful.


 The Set up  
 [The person should be sitting down. It can be at table or just in a seat of some sort.]  
 You will need a pendulum. This can be any sort of small weight on a bit of string or wire, it really doesn't matter. If you are going to do it regularly put a piece of crystal on the end of a fine silver chain. The pendulum string needs to be about half the length of the forearm if at a table, or about the length of the lower leg to use it on the floor. Do not allow the person to support their wrist with the other arm.  
 Pendulum Susceptibility Test  
 Are you ready to test the power of hypnosis? Yes Set 1
 Are you ready to find out at what your own mind can do? Yes Set 2
 Are you willing to learn something you never expected? Yes Set 3
 Take this pendulum and hold between your thumb and index finger and let it hang over the table [(or over the floor)]. Just let it hang straight down. Make sure your elbow is supported and your hand is vertically above the pendulum.  
 Move your hand up or down until the weight at the end is almost touching the surface. Get them to loosen up the arm
 Now touch the pendulum on the surface and then lift it slightly. The pendulum should be at a complete stop; just hanging down. Start from steady
 Now, focus your attention on the pendulum. Really concentrate on the weight at the end of the pendulum... keep your eyes on that weight... Focus of attention
 Now as you focus you will find the end of that pendulum will begin to swing...DDirect suggestion
 And the more you focus... the more that pendulum wants to swing...>Multiplier
 now just imagine that pendulum beginning to swing... and the pendulum is starting to follow your thoughts... as you visualize it... that pendulum is swinging more and more... responding to your thoughts...DMore suggestion
 Watch as that pendulum begins to sway and swing... sway and swing... back and forth.... back and forth... that's right...DFirst test
 Just let it happen...Iwill happen
 swinging more and more now...Dconfirm
 and now imagine that pendulum slowing down.... slowing down now... [Pace with the movement and their breathing]...D 
 that pendulum is slowing down... coming to a complete stop...D 
 [Doesn't matter if it stops or not... keep on with the suggestions]  
 and now imagine that pendulum beginning to swing the other way... side to side... or in circles....ISecond test
 and you may be surprised at what it does...DBind
 Pendulum Induction (optional)  
 [the pendulum will be either swinging side to side or round in circles. Use whatever it is doing and link it to suggestions of going into trance. This assumes a circular movement is going on.]  
 and as that circle goes round... round and round... follow it with your eyes...D 
 and as that circle is going round... those eyes are getting heavier.... getting tired... and as the circle continues to go round... your eyes are blinking more... getting more tired... tired and heavy ... and the pendulum is getting heavy... getting so heavy ... it is slowing down...D 
 and as it slows down... your eyes are going down.... the pendulum is heavy... your eyes are heavy .... your eyes are closing... your fingers are opening...D 
 the pendulum is getting too heavy to hold ... as your eyes are getting too heavy... closing down... that pendulum is getting heavy too... and you are losing control of those fingers.... and fingers are opening... eyes closing... relaxing... letting everything go...D 
 [when the pendulum drops the person has gone into trance].  



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