blackboard induction script

Blackboard Hypnosis induction

Wipe away the numbers induction

Blackboard hypnosis Induction

The Blackboard Induction is an example of how to use visualisation as the basis of hypnotic induction. This hypnotic induction uses the common idea of writing letters on a blackboard and then wiping them off again.

It works in two ways. Part of the induction is self hypnosis, suggesting that as each letter is wiped off the listener feels more relaxed. Part of the induction works by direct suggestion, suggesting that as more letters are written it gets harder to remember the next letter.
The advantage of this type of induction is that it allows the listener to relax at their own pace, and has many more stages than the 'one to ten' countdown induction. Once you understand the principle you will be able to do inductions based on any kind of visual changes, leaves dropping off trees, lights going out, anything that changes.

This is the basis of the old advice of counting sheep jumping over a fence to get to sleep. Do the same thing over and over your mind goes into trance.


 Wiping away the conscious mind  
 Take a deep breath... and let it go... Ahhh... That's right.... encouragement
 Now take another deep breath... that's good..... pace the client
 Now just allow your eyes to close... that's very good....  
 [add instructions here for loosening the shoulders...etc if you think it is needed] Physical relaxation
memoryI wonder if you have ever written letters on a blackboard at school... or maybe on a whiteboard... or maybe you remember writing letters on the sand and letting the sea wash them away.... or seen clouds in the sky that look like one thing and then change into something else....VAlways offer a choice of possible ways to form the letters.
 - - - - - - - -  
 The rest of this script is in the Inductions Script Collection  
 - - - - - - - -  
 and take a few moments now and allow that lovely feeling of relaxation to spread.... as you go deeper and deeper.....Ibind 'as you...' inevitability
 [either do another deepener, or a convincer and then carry on with the therapy]  



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