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Christian friendly hypnosis induction

Hypnosis Christian Induction Script

Many people believe scare stories about hypnosis and its supposed power over people. In particular some churches have been wrongly blamed for demonizing hypnosis. In fact all major churches approve of hypnosis when used in a therapeutic way.

However, in many people's minds, hypnosis is equated with being anti-Christian. It is just not true. This Christian induction script uses a form of words that is acceptable to Christians, and uses imagery and ideas that Christians will be familiar and comfortable with.


TargetInduction ReassuranceComments
BehaviourNow you know that hypnosis is a natural state... something that has been given to all people as a way into healing and deep relaxation...Reassurance
and when hypnosis is used the way it was intended to be used, it is a form of grace... a blessing for health and recovery... a way of releasing wrong thoughts and feelings... in a safe and healthy way... a way that accords with your deepest principles...Legitimacy
Hypnosis is simple and natural... and all you have to do is to breathe... you don't have to do anything else... just breathe and listen to the words... Is that OK with you?
[get response]YYes Set 1
So are you ready to start with hypnosis?
[get response]YYes Set 2
I am going to lightly touch you on the forehead. Is that OK?
[get response]YYes Set 3
TargetLet the Spirit enterComments
So I would like you now to close your eyes..... so lie back and allow your arms and legs to relax as you start to go into hypnosis... at first you won't feel anything different but soon you will start to enjoy the relaxation spreading through your whole body...IBreathing induction
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