Christmas Tree Induction

Christmas Tree Induction

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Christmas Tree Induction Script

The Christmas Tree Induction focuses on a Christmas Tree decorated with lights and ornaments. Using a the common motif of a Christmas tree connects with all the associations people have with Christmas. The script them builds on those inner feelings and expectation. Pace and Lead induction methods is used  to suggest that the room is getting darker and the lights are getting dim.

It links the idea of lights getting darker to breathing. Then links the ideas of darker to more relaxed. Trance comes from linking relaxation to breathing. Nice change for the festive season.


Christmas Tree Induction
MemoryI wonder if you can remember a time ... a long time ago... round about Christmas time... when you were much younger...dissociation
Memoryallow your mind to go back... think about a past Christmas... a time when the feeling was laid-back and cruising... a time to relax and feel good...reconnection
and maybe you can remember a quiet room... and time on your own... a quiet place somewhere... to just enjoy the season...Vaway from the here and now
and you can close your eyes as you are relaxing now and think about that feeling...eye closure
think about that feeling of calm and peace...K
and a room somewhere... with decorations... lights... christmas tinsel... all the things you associate with that time of the year...and a tree.... a tree with lights... and decorations... and in your mind you see that tree, all lit up with soft lights... in a room that's dark and dim... and there is just the lights of the tree... and dark all around....Vset the scene
- - - - -
- - - - - The rest of this script is in the Hypnosis Inductions eBook - - - - -
- - - - -
and in that room... peaceful and quiet... a soft gentle darkness... and as you relax more... everything is slipping away... and in that dark place there is just the hint of dim colors... reflecting from wrappings and ornaments...
and all the colors begin to swirl around... and you feel yourself floating... drifting... swirling... as they carry you down... deeper and deeper... relaxing... breathing gently... letting it all go now...Trance



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