Hypnosis Induction Script Swinging Watch

Swinging Watch Hypnosis Induction Script

Hypnotist Swinging Watch going into trance

The Swinging Watch is old fashioned but effective.

This is one of the earliest hypnosis inductions. Any time hypnosis is mentioned in movies, they use a swinging watch  to hypnotize the person. This has not actually been used for real since the early 1920's.

The swinging watch induction has gone out of style since men stopped wearing gold pocket watches. The swinging watch induction works well on most people, especially if they are expecting to get hypnotized with a swinging watch.

You don't actually need a swinging watch. Any kind of pendulum object will do. You can also hold up a pen, and move it slowly from side to side and tell them to follow the shiny bit with their eyes. As you see signs of the person responding, pace and lead them. Link the strain on their eyes to going deeper and deeper. Or you can do the same thing with a flashlight. Move it slowly and get the person to look into the light.

The Hypnosis Induction Script Swinging Watch needs a bit of practice to get right. But it can be a fun thing to do in public.

Hypnosis Induction Script Swinging Watch

The traditional way to hypnotize someone


Hypnosis Induction

CapabilityI wonder if you are the kind of person who goes into hypnosis easily?... Most people are... especiall those who think they won't be.DPriming
CapabilityI am fairly sure that you have the type of mind that goes into trance quickly and easily.ICreating expectation
 So just settle yourself down there... and we'll begin the process>Seeding relaxation
 Are you ready to try something new? Expectation
 Good, that's right... Reassurance
BehaviourNow, as long as you know how to relax you can go into trance .IBind
 I am going to hold up my watch... and I want you to look at it... and I want to you keep your eyes on the watch... follow it with your eyes... never take your eyes off the watch...  
 Do you think you can do that? bind
 [Hold out the watch on the end of the chain at a comfortable distance in front of their face... and start  the watch swinging slowly from side to side in front of them. Keep your hand steady, just the watch moves.]  

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 and keep on breathing and relaxing until you are sure that you just can't open them..IBind
 and then when you try to open them... those eyes get twice as heavy... and your body goes twice as relaxed... and you just cannot open those eyes.DEye catalepsy test
 That's right... and now stop trying... and just enjoy that lovely relaxed feeling...and let it spread to the rest of your body... that's right... Trance achieved.



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