Personalized Induction

Personalized Unique Induction Hypnosis

Create a unique induction for each client

Unique induction improves your success rate 

To do a personalized induction: Before the hypnosis session starts, ask your client to describe some outdoor place where they might relax while watching some clouds. It can be a real place they remember, or some imaginary place where they could really relax totally. They might be lying, or sitting, or even steering a boat. Leave it open to them, as long as it is a place where they can imagine relaxing easily and deeply.

You can ask them for it during the intake interview, or you can give them some notice and get them to write it out and bring it with them to your session. The idea is to get something that is unique to each client, and to match the induction to exactly how they would like it to be.

Use their special location to personalize their experience

You can then use that as the core of your induction. Get the client to close their eyes and talk them through relaxing their arms and legs. As they relax their body, do a count down and take them down stairs, suggesting that with each step they are relaxing more and more.

Finally, suggest that at the bottom of the steps there is a way out and they find themselves in their favorite relaxing place. Describe the place that they think is where they can relax most easily. Then suggest that in the place they are watching the clouds go by. As each cloud drifts away, or disappears, that allows them to  let go of all tensions and worries.

Then tell them to focus on one particular cloud. That cloud will slowly descend and surround them. They will begin to feel themselves becoming absorbed into the cloud, becoming weightless, and losing all connection with the earth around them. Embellish and expand on the idea depending on what their chosen relaxing place offers.

Then you can suggest that they are transported by the cloud to wherever you want to start the therapy. Or simply state that now they can see a screen showing them doing something, or some other visualization.

Here is an  Personalized Induction example.




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