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Instant Induction Hypnotic Gaze

Instant hypnosis Look into my eyes

Instant Induction Hypnotic Gaze

This is the origin of the phrase "Look into my eyes". The Hypnotic Gaze induction script is a spectacular showy induction. Use of the Hypnotic Gaze induction is what started the belief that hypnosis must be some secret black art that gives you power over people. You actually can make people go into trance just by looking into their eyes.

In fact it is based on physiology. When people look at you with an intense stare your mind is likely to interpret this as a threat. If the stare continues your mind will start to go into fight or flight mode and your unconscious mind takes control. If you don't focus on their eyes they cannot stare back, and they get disconcerted. This starts a cascade of internal responses that you can hijack.

The is only one type of hypnosis, but many ways to get there. The Hypnotic Gaze induction is actually a variation of the Instant Induction using the startle reflex.


 You should have the other person standing facing you, about arms length from you. The Set Up
 Look into their eyes. Keep your eyes on their eyes all time. Just look into their eyes as if you are curious, as if you looking for some reaction deep inside that you know will be coming. Start the process of unnerving them
 Reach out both arms and touch the person lightly on the outside of their shoulders. Unexpected action
 Lower your arms. odd action
 Lift up your arms again and place the palms of your hands against the outsides of their shoulders, on the upper arms. More unexpected actions
 Press once, gently. Start them wondering
 Press again, more firmly. Do not say anything. Keep looking into their eyes all the while. They will start being uneasy
 Keeping your hand where they are, nod very slightly to yourself, as if you are satisfied with something. Mysterious knowledge
 Press your hands against their shoulders more firmly now. Keep the pressure on. Urgency
 Look into their eyes. You are not examining their eyeballs: look at the bridge of their nose, otherwise you will get into a staring contest. You are giving the impression of looking into and through their eyes but your focus is actually somewhere inside their head, or beyond them. (You might have to practice this in a mirror). Look THROUGH them
 At some point, the eyes of the other person will begin to do one of two things. The eyes will either widen and show fear and uncertainty - you will see this with your peripheral vision - or they will begin to glaze over and lose focus. Watch for the reaction
 Now you can do several different things to cause hypnosis:  
 a) if they show fear and uncertainty  
 they are going into fight or flight mode. The slightest stimulus will knock them out.  
 You can swing your hand in front of their eyes and snap your fingers. The sudden noise and movement will invoke the startle response and they will go into trance. You must then take charge and tell them what to do instantly, or they will come out again. SNAP!
 You can pull them towards you with your hands, firmly but gently, off balance, and say the word 'sleep' in a commanding voice. The sudden movement and command will put them into trance. Then start telling them what to do. No hard movement - safety!
 b) If you see their eyes glaze and they get a 'lost' look  
 They are retreating into trance to get safe, and any command will be obeyed.  
 Begin to rock them back and forth, gently. Get them swaying. If they look as if they are going into trance pull them forward against your body and hold them up. Say the word 'sleep' into their ear so no one else hears. It looks very showy.  
 If they are not ready for trance, tell them that every movement is making them more relaxed and going deeper. Keep up with the gentle swaying and a soothing repetitive voice until they go into trance. Then continue with what you want them to do.  
 Whatever way you use, the easiest thing to do is to lift up their arm and tell them it will stay there, weightless, until you tell them to lower it.  
 Then address your audience and continue with the demonstration.  



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