Stage hypnotist Rapid Induction

Stage hypnotist Rapid Induction

Group hypnosis stage induction

Stage hypnotist Rapid Induction

 One of the simplest rapid inductions. Use this to hypnotize groups of people on stage very quickly. This way the audience will not lose interest while waiting for each person to be induced separately.

It works by

(1) inducing muscular tension and expectation,

(2) progressively releasing that tension at the same time controlling the client's breathing,

(3) inducing dissociation through visualisation and cleverly incorporating 'down', 'dark' and 'calm' in one mental image.

Advantages: Fast, reliable. Trance can usually be achieved in less than two minutes with any number of people at the same time. It also works very well in a clinical situation.

Disadvantages: Some people do not respond to the visualisation.

Uses: Good for a group induction.

Good way to teach clients self hypnosis. Show them how it works by putting them into trance first, and then get them to go through the stages while you supervise, and after that they will be able to go into trance whenever they want to.


Force the body into a rigid,  uncomfortable position 
 Now, sit back in the chair, 
 Raise your toes off the ground,Toes
 Place your hands on your knees, arms outstretched, palms facing up.Hands
 Tilt your head back as far as it will goHead
 Roll your eyes up so that you are looking at a point on the ceiling behind the chair.Eyes
Begin the physical relaxation 
 Now take a nice deep breath... and as you breathe out, let your eyes close...Eyes
 Now breathe in,... and as you breathe out, let your head fall into a comfortable position...Head
 Now breathe in... and as you breathe out... let your hands and arms relax....Hands
 Now breathe in... and as you breathe out, make your shoulders sag downShoulders
 Now breathe in ... and as you breathe out, let your feet go to rest flat on the floorFeet
 Now breathe in... and as you breathe out, imagine that all the bones in the upper half of your body have turned to butter,  soft and limp...Chest
 And one more time... breathe in... and as you breathe out... let all of the muscles in the whole of your body relax... let them go completely to rest... imagine that your arms and legs feel heavy and tired... imagine that the whole of your body feels heavy and tired... like cement... your arms and legs feel like cement... the whole of your body feels like a dead weight... so heavy and tired... imagine that your toes and feet are relaxing... imagine that all the muscles around your face are relaxed now... and you can forget all about those arms and legs...Relax everything
Begin the mental relaxation 
 I wonder if you can imagine a city at night somewhere... with lots of houses tumbling down a hillside... and all the lights are on... and there are cars in the streets... 
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