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Color your mind hypnotized


Description: The Color Progression induction is an unusual hypnotic induction based on awareness of feelings in the body. It is one of those hypnosis inductions that is more complicated to explain than it is to do. You suggest say, a color, wait till the person finds a feeling linked to that color, then link into that feeling. Then, while they are still in the feeling, link to another feeling, and deepen it. Keep doing that until they drift into trance.

Principle: It works by by-passing the analytical mind and dealing directly with feelings and associations. While the mind is focusing on bodily experiences it slips in additional suggestions of relaxation and comfort and letting go. Because it is bodily based, there is nothing for the analytical mind to challenge.

Advantages: you get continuous feedback that lets you know what the client is experiencing during every step.

Disadvantages: Clients need to be comfortable with paying attention to their feelings.

Uses: It is good for clients who are nervous about the whole hypnosis process since it lets them go at their own pace.

Extensions: There is nothing special about using colours. You could use just about anything that has emotional associations for the particular client – flowers, foods, children's names, song titles, etc.


Are you ready to go into trance?ISeeding the idea
... and you are always in control... anytime you feel you are not comfortable about anything at all... just say the word... 'wait' . OK?Safety
Feeling comfortable?I3rd Yes set
I want you to feel totally comfortable when you are in trance... so if want to move that's OK, and when you move you can become even more comfortable...>Pre-suppositions
CapabilityThe only thing you need to do to go into hypnosis is wanting to be hypnotised. If you decide you want to, trance will follow. Nothing can stop the process once you have decided you want it to happen.>Inevitability
BehaviourAnd the funny thing is, you don't have to do anything... You don't know how you make it happen, but you will know that it is happening when it starts happening... you just have to let it happen all on its own....
Like watching a sunset... you just watch as it goes down, the sky getting deeper and deeper  and as you relax in the warm night stars magically appearVMetaphor
I am going to suggest a color, and when I say that color you can become aware of a change happening in you ... most people get  a warm feeling somewhere in their body... or maybe for you it will be something else.... but you get a warm and comforting feeling... it will remind you of times you felt good...I
When you get that feeling... let me know...    and we will go on...Bind = inevitable
And then I will say a different colour and you can say when you are getting the feeling of that colour... and each feeling will make you more comfortable... more relaxed....D
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