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Instant Hypnotic Induction Sitting

Instant induction seated version

Instant induction sitting hypnosis

Instant hypnosis and rapid induction hypnosis

Instant hypnosis and rapid hypnotic inductions are actually easy to do. The instant induction can be done with the client standing or sitting. Instant Inductions are sometimes used by clinical hypnotists to induce hypnotic trance for clients who are otherwise too vigilant to be hypnotized.

The way that the Instant Hypnotic induction works is quite simple. The client is usually taken by the hand and the hypnotist starts talking to the client or distracting him in some way. The moment the client is distracted, the hypnotist suddenly does something to push the client off balance, and shouts. This causes the client to become disoriented, and the hypnotist immediately begins to give suggestions about relaxing, letting go, going deeper.... and so on. The instant induction suggestions must be given the instant the client is off balance. If the suggestions are not made within a few seconds of doing the instant induction, then the client will come out of trance as fast as he went in.

Instant inductions are not often used in clinical hypnosis because after an instant induction some clients feel frightened, or bewildered. Most people respond to instant inductions, but some just snap right out again.

Once you understand the principle behind instant inductions you will be able to do rapid inductions based on many kinds of sudden unexpected change.


 To start the instant induction arrange it so that the client is sitting in front of you, at a comfortable distance. Position yourself so that you are to the right of the client. It doesn't matter if you are sitting or standing.  
 It doesn't matter if the client is right or left handed.  
 Tell the client to extend their right arm with the palm facing down. Their arm doesn't have to be straight.  
 Push the back of their hand down with your left hand, just gently, and let them resist you. This is just so can get your left hand near them in a natural sort of way Ask them if they can feel the resistance.  
 The client will say 'Yes' or 'No'. Whatever the answer say 'Yes, I can feel that'.  
 Then ask the client a distracting question, all the while gently pressing down and letting the client move their hand up again. For example, 'Are you quite comfortable with that? '  
 Then smoothly move your right hand under the palm of their right hand with your hand facing upwards, and take your left hand away and put it on their shoulder.  
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 The rest of this script is in the Inductions Script Collection  
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