rainy day induction


Rain on glass visualization induction


The Rainy Day induction uses the common memory of a rainy day. It links going into trance to a visualization of raindrops running down a window pane. Then the script creates a deepener from a memory of being in a car. It uses the rhythmic swish of the wipers to induce a hypnotic trance. It is a pace and lead induction, so you need to be confident of your voice control, and it is essential that you are able to time it to their breathing. Use as a lead in to any sort of journey metaphor.


Are you ready to go into trance?
Good, then let's begin.
Now settle down... and prepare to go on a journey... a journey of the mind...
That's good. Now just wiggle around in the chair and get really comfortable...relax the body
I wonder if you remember a time long ago when it was raining?... remember at time when you were somewhere looking out at the rain falling... imagine now... rain on the grass... seeping into the earth... and rain on the window... and looking at the rain forming little trails on the window... as the water slowly runs down... little drops forming little rivers... stopping and starting...Dissociation
Now just close your eyes... and imagine that rainy day... with raindrops running down the window pane...
imagine following one drop as it goes down the window... and imagine that every time you breath out... that drop rolls down a bit further...pace with breathing
and as it rolls down... you feel yourself getting more relaxed...
and then with the next breath... that drop rolls down a little more... and you feel your yourself going down... relaxing a little more...
and focus on your breathing... let every breath take you down... imagine with each breath more raindrops slowly trickling down... watching raindrop after raindrop going down ... joining and merging... and going down gets easier and easier...
and as you are relaxing there now... think of another time... in the passenger seat of a car... looking through the front window of a car... ... and watch the raindrops on the glass... and then the gentle swish of the wipers as they clear away the rain...Auto mobile deepener
and feel yourself relaxing now... settling down in the passenger seat... each swish of the wipers making you feel more relaxed and sleepy now...
and with each breath imagine those wipers sweeping away the raindrops... and with each breath those wipers are wiping all your stress, all the tension... is getting wiped away now... relaxed and comfortable...Pace with breathing
each stroke is wiping out everything and then taking you deeper... wiping away and taking you deeper.Pace with breathing
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