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Erickson Handshake Induction

The Erickson Handshake Induction is an instant induction developed by Milton Erickson, the famous US hypnotist. The handshake induction works like secret hypnosis. It is a perfect example of how to do a stealth instant induction.

You approach someone and offer to shake hands, and as they go to complete the handshake you do something unexpected. A confusion hypnotism technique causes their subconscious mind to be overwhelmed, and to obey your command to go into hypnosis.

Milton Erickson perfected the handshake induction in a time when hypnosis was not used much and doctors were suspicious of hypnosis and hypnotic inductions. Erickson was fond of doing the handshake induction to people who stood up in his audience and declared that they couldn't be hypnotized. He would invite them up onto the stage. As they approached he offered them his hand, did the handshake induction routine, and they dropped into trance like a stone. The handshake induction convinced doctors that hypnosis inductions did not need to take up the doctor's valuable treatment time.

The handshake induction is a standard stage hypnotist's routine, but seldom used in clinical hypnosis.


 The handshake induction is a pattern interrupt induction. We all prefer to do things in a predictable way. Once we have learned any routine behavior it becomes aut0matic and we stop thinking about how to do it.
This frees the brain to go on and do other things.
For example, when you are driving, you see a red light and your foot automatically moves to the brake pedal. You don't think about it, it is so automatic that many people sometimes do it when they are front seat passengers.
 Hypnotists can take advantage of patterns like these. When somebody has a well rehearsed behaviour pattern that they have done thousands of times, once it starts, their mind expects the pattern to go through the same old routine automatically, and stops paying attention to it. They are on 'automatic pilot'.  
 However, if something occurs to interrupt the sequence of actions, then your mind has to stop what it is doing, and focus on the set of actions that has suddenly gone wrong.  
 If, a few moments later, and while the mind is busy focusing back to what went wrong, another pattern is started, then the mind has to switch again to paying attention to that, leaving one set of behaviors hanging.  
 If the second set of actions is unusual and unexpected then the mind is divided between thinking about completing the original set of actions and thinking about the unexpected set of actions.  
 This causes a temporary, very temporary, overload of the brain's attention function. In the few seconds that the mind is in this state, it can be hijacked.  
 Any sudden word or movement will cause the mind to switch to the subconscious mind. In that state the mind will obey whatever instructions it gets, since it wants to do something, but is confused, and will go what seems easiest..  
 The Milton Erickson handshake induction is almost all physical, there are very few words used.  
 You approach someone you want to put into trance. They should not be expecting the handshake induction.  
 As they get near you put out your right hand as if to meet them with a handshake.   
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 You must start talking immediately after you deliver the startle command. You have only two or three seconds before the person's mind starts taking back control and they start to demand 'what the hell do you think you are doing?'.  
 However, if you speak immediately then most people will drop instantly in trance, and you can continue with whatever you want to do next.  
 It is a very satisfying and showy induction.  

Advantages: Good for demonstrations, often used in stage hypnosis.

Disadvantages: It requires total confidence and a fluid continuous delivery. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention and do the induction.

Uses: The handshake induction is normally only used for hypnotizing someone unexpectedly, as a demonstration of hypnotic mind control by a stage hypnotist.

Extensions: Once you understand the basics of the handshake induction you will know how to use any pattern interrupt instant hypnotic induction.

Safety: Do not use the handshake induction with strangers or outside of some kind of hypnosis event where people have given their consent to be there. Using handshake hypnosis in the wrong place you could end up with very angry person who does not appreciate being make a fool of by a handshake induction.



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