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Instant hypnosis and rapid hypnosis standing induction

Instant hypnosis and rapid hypnosis inductions are spectacular hypnotic techniques that are actually very easy to do. The instant induction standing version is a form of covert or secret hypnosis. Instant Inductions are used by all stage hypnotists to produce a sudden and dramatic hypnotic trance. Instant hypnosis inductions are easy to learn.

The way that the Instant Hypnosis works is quite simple. There is very little dialog involved, although there is often quite a prolonged build up to it. The client is usually taken by the hand and the hypnotist starts distracting the client in some way. The moment the client is distracted, the hypnotist suddenly jerks the client's arm and shouts. The suddenness causes the client to become disoriented, and the hypnotist immediately begins to give suggestions about relaxing, sleeping, letting go, going deeper.... and so on.

The instant hypnosis instructions must be given the moment the client gets jerked off balance. If the suggestions are not given within the first few seconds of starting the instant induction disorientation, then the client will begin to recover and will come out of trance as fast as he went in.

Principles of rapid and instant induction

There are many ways of doing Instant inductions. They are mostly for stage shows are seldom used by clinical hypnotists. If the client is not expecting it then after an instant induction the client often feels frightened, or bewildered. Although most people go into hypnosis instantly, some will instantly snap right out of it again.

Once you understand the principle behind instant hypnosis you will be able to do rapid induction hypnosis based on any kind of sudden movement.

Examples of Instant Inductions

Interestingly, instant hypnotic induction is most often seen not when stage hypnotist is using a rapid induction, but at religious revivalist type meetings. The evangelist whips up the crowd and builds excitement and expectation with music, lights and repetition. Selected people are then invited on to the stage. Most of them will already be in a highly charged state due to the emotional intensity of the meeting.

The evangelist will then take their right hand in his left hand and distract them by passing his right hand in front of their face and raising it high. As the person's eyes follow the hand the evangelist pulls hard on the person's right hand, suddenly pulling them off balance. This causes an instant induction and the person collapses into the arms of waiting attendants.

Safety first!

Instant hypnosis inductions can be used on anyone, anywhere, but you need to take care. Instant inductions can be fun to watch, but make sure when you are hypnotizing someone that they have consented to be hypnotized. Otherwise the outcome of the instant induction might be an instantly angry person.

Secret hypnosis is all right in its place, but instant inductions can be distressing if it is unexpected hypnosis. Instant inductions are very powerful, but be sure that you are ready to handle them.

Many instant inductions use some form of physical action. Be very careful not hurt the person. Jerking their arms or pushing forward on their neck has the potential to do damage. Make sure you use the minimum force needed to get the effect and no more. If in doubt, don't.

instant hypnosis induction


These inductions are showy and dramatic, the sort of thing that stage hypnotists do. Here are also induction scripts that show how to do subtle unnoticed inductions, and how to use an open technique to achieve a hidden effect.

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