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Anchoring Induction and Therapy combined

Anchoring good feelings to replace bad

NLP Anchoring Script creates a link between an internal feeling and an external event such as a touch or a sound. The script shows how to use anchoring in therapy. The hypnotic logic of the script is shown beside each command. This anchoring script uses two positive anchors, one based on competence and one based on anger. These are anchored by causing pain in the tender skin around the thumbnail. Then the NLP anchoring script brings up the negative emotions. Finally the anchor is fired to swamp the painful feelings with positive and powerful emotions.

This NLP Anchoring script is powerful way of eliminating old hurts and fears. The anchoring script uses standard NLP techniques and also incorporates visualization techniques.

How to create NLP Anchors

Recall a positive state

Ask the person to recall a time when they felt 'in control', or 'powerful' or 'in charge'. Get them to really get into the feeling that they felt at that time, to not just think about it, but to experience it, to 'be there'.

Intensify the positive state

Then ask them to intensify that feeling, to double it and double it again. Get them to become immersed in the emotion, in the feeling. When they are right in that emotional state you should be able to see physical changes, in their face, or how they hold themselves or in changed breathing patterns.

Anchor the positive state

When they are in the positive state, create the anchor. Familiar things like a clenched fist already have associations so it is better to create a unique anchor. This anchoring script uses pressing a fingernail against the thin skin at the top of the thumbnail to create the link.

Recall the negative state

Then get the person to go into the bad feelings they want to get rid of. This NLP anchoring script allows the person to safely be in that negative experience, to feel it as something outside of them, assures them that they can deal with it.

Mix the positive and negative states

Then while the person is experiencing the bad feelings - fire the anchor. This will cause the feelings of power and competence to get mixed up with the bad feelings. The result is that the bad feeling is experienced differently and thus loses its power to hurt.

The NLP Anchoring Script shows how to do this procedure. 


targetRelaxing the body...Comment
Take a deep breath... and let it go... just relax....
Loosen your shoulders.... lift your arms and drop them... raise your legs slightly and relax them... just get all the tension out of your muscles...
Take another breath... and let it go... and really relax....
One more breath... this time as you breath out....Slowly close your eyes...
Now breathe normally for a few moments... think about how your arms and legs feel... become aware of the weight of your body...KGive them time to settle down
Set the first anchor... POWER
Now slowly open your eyes and then close them as you breathe out... and allow your body to relax even more...Fractionation
 memoryNow think back in your life... think back to a time when you had a success... think back to time when you had control... when you felt good about something you had done.. something you achieved... remember that time... allow all of it to come to mind now... remember how you felt... what you saw... what you heard... immerse yourself now in that experience.... build it up in your mind until it is like you are there... back in that moment...Anchor to a time when they felt strong and in charge
feel it in your body... what it felt like to be there... to be a winner... a success... KGet the feeling
Bring to mind some object... some symbol... some thing that you associate with that time and that feeling... VGet an image
And now focus on that symbol... and feel the feeling... and make that feeling stronger and stronger... that feeling of success of triumph of winning.... whatever it wasIntensify the feeling
Now as that feeling grows stronger... as that symbol gets clearer... feel the power in you.... and as it builds... PRESS your LEFT THUMB and INDEX FINGER TOGETHER... press the index finger into the tender flesh at the side of the thumbnail or the top of the thumbnail... dig the nail in if you can... get a painful feeling...Set the anchor
let the power grow... and as it does press those fingers tighter and tighter...
and then release that hand... and let all the tension go... and just relax.... the whole of your bodyAnchor set
Set the second anchor...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
The full script is in the Collection  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Test the anchors...
Now slowly open your eyes...
And try to think of that old situation again... feel what you get now... be aware of how it has changed... Ksupposition
[It is sometimes necessary to set and fire the anchors several times to clear everything]


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