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NLP techniques are widely used. It is not generally recognized however, that NLP techniques are mostly metaphor techniques. The Fast Phobia Cure uses the Gestalt principle of associating a visualization with an emotional response. Changing the visualization changes the emotion. In NLP this is done with a fixed metaphor using a cinema screen.

The Six Step Reframe Technique uses an indirect hypnotic induction to put you into trance. Once you are in trance, the technique allows you to contact your own unconscious mind. It is actually a version of Parts Therapy. You ask one part of your mind to contact other parts of your mind. These parts then negotiate an outcome that allows you to change your behaviour. The parts are a metaphor for your own emotions. The change happens because of standard metaphor associations.

The Anchoring Technique uses a physical metaphor. You are encouraged to experience an emotion you don't want. For example it might be the feeling you get when you see a spider. That is an unpleasant feeling that you want to get rid of. You are told to pinch your knee or do some other physical action to your body while you are thinking about the spider feeling. This anchors the spider feeling onto a particular part of your body.

You are then encouraged to experience a different positive emotion. This could be something like the feeling you get when you win a prize, or some other highly successful thing. You are then told to link that feeling to some part of your body, usually your hand. You then think of both feelings and press your hand onto the part of your body that has the spider feeling. The theory is that the good feeling wipes out the bad feeling. This is exactly the same metaphor technique as the Pain Control Paint Pot method.

NLP Anchoring Technique

How to use a physical metaphor to change how you feel. Associate into a bad feeling, then place that feeling somewhere on your body. Then think of a good feeling. Fix that someplace on your body. Then bring the two together and the good feeling wipes out the bad feelings.

NLP Six Step Reframe

NLP techniques include hypnosis based therapies. The six step reframe takes you into trance where you can dialogue with your own subconscious mind. You can negotiate a settlement with the parts that are stopping you succeeding.

NLP Fast Phobia Cure

The NLP technique for clearing your phobia. You are in a cinema where you can  control what happens on the screen. A metaphor technique that changes your emotional response by changing a visualization.

NLP Sub Modalities Horse Exercise

Shows how to test for NLP submodalities. A simple exercise of visualizing a horse lets you check that your client can actually do the rest of the NLP therapy. Part 1 of a case study.

NLP Metaphor therapy three dials exercise

Metaphor therapy with NLP. Part 2. Shows how to use the three dials exercise to change how a person feels by changing how they think about their problem. An updated version of the NLP Fast Phobia Cure.

NLP Metaphor Therapy SWOOSH

Metaphor therapy with NLP. Part 3. Shows how to use the SWOOSH exercise. You get the person to visualize their problem, and then get them to imagine a success. Then smash the two together.

NLP Cognitive Filtering

You create your own reality by filtering out the things that do not agree with what you expect.  Generalization, distortion and deletion prevents you from seeing things as they really. Here is how it works and how to avoid it.



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