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Hypnotherapy Pain Control Techniques Scripts

How to really magic away pain with hypnosis scripts

These pain control hypnosis scripts give you the most effective techniques to manage pain. Hypnosis has controlled pain for centuries. Modern hypnosis started with the Army Surgeon Dr James Braid. He developed the only effective pain relief before modern anesthetics. Braid routinely used it in amputations.


Hypnosis can work on the symptoms and perception of physical pain. It is also good for controlling some long term pain and stress related issues. People do not always recognize the source of their problems. Physical pain can be the result of psychological pressure. Hypnosis can deal with the psychological need that underlies it, and relieve that pain.

With these hypnosis scripts you can work with clients with a wide range of stress and pain related issues. By teaching your clients how to control the stress in their life you are showing them how to avoid the things that are causing the pain. Use them stand alone, and as part of integrated pain management.

The 5 Hypnosis Pain Management Scripts are listed below. Click the button for details of each script.


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Ultimate Pain control script

Ultimate Pain Management Script

This hypnosis script uses eight different ways of dealing with pain. It uses hypnotic visualization to let it fade away, to rub it out, to turn it down, to say goodbye to it, to let it go, to make it numb and to switch it off. Each of these uses a different healing metaphor.

By applying them all, every client should respond to at least one technique. You can copy and adapt the different methods to particular cases. Pain relief hypnosis can be very effective but can be difficult to do right.

The Ultimate Pain Relief script is the nearest thing you are going to get to a failproof pain management script. Different people respond to different methods.   This script combines every pain control technique in one script.

Use this script to reassure your client that there is always a way to control their pain. Knowing that there are eight effective pain relief hypnosis techniques available immediately boosts the client's confidence.

The Ultimate  Pain Relief Hypnosis script lets them find the way that works best for them. Knowing that at least one way will work gets their mind ready to believe that they can manage their own pain.

Control Panel Pain Relief

Control Panel Pain Relief

Pain control using the visualization of a dial to regulate pain by natural feedback. Visualize the pain reducing to the right level.

magic fingers pain control hypnosis sript

Magic Fingers Pain Management Script

Children are often in pain and don't know what to do. Not dealing with it can be distressing and can leave the child confused and anxious as well as in pain.

The Magic Fingers Pain Relief Script uses the child's imagination  and belief in magic to deal with pain through their own resources. The script is very simple yet often very effective.

The Magic Fingers technique empowers the child to control the pain themselves, and lets the child understand how they can deal with where they hurt.

It means the child is no longer dependent on others. It works by focusing attention on their fingers and and so distracts their mind from the pain.

The Hypnosis Script Pain Relief Magic Fingers  script can be used temporarily for sudden injury or in a hospital situation. Or it can be used if the child is hurt at a location where there is no immediate help.

Once the child has been shown the technique they are able to utilize their own belief system even when there is no adult there to help.


Paint pot pain script

Hypnosis Pain Management Paint Pot Script

Pain Management Paint Pot script uses visualization and hypnotic suggestion to relieve chronic pain. The technique can be used in clinical hypnotherapy or for self hypnosis to manage your own pain.

The Paint Pot Pain Management script is a metaphor technique. It works by getting the person to visualize their pain. They then focus on defining the exact area that hurts, and noticing what color it is.

Then they choose another part of their body, a part the does not have any pain, a part that just feels normal. They then notice what color that area is.

The therapy gets the person to dip an imaginary paintbrush into the color of the non-pain part, and then paint that color on to the painful part. The pain-free color paints over the pain color, and removes the pain.

This metaphor is usually successful in bringing noticeable relief. Fast and effective.

Hypnosis Pain Control Spirit

Pain Management Hypnosis Spirit

A script for those people who are spiritual.  It uses a  visualization of a healing place, and that leads to identification with an inner healing spirit. Then a post hypnotic suggestion links control of pain with being able to contact that universal spirit.

It uses their own spirituality as a resource to allow them to control their pain. The first part uses the metaphor of healing waters to allow them to dissociate from their pain. Then the dissociation is deepened, and a link is established with whatever type of spirit they believe in.

This is then linked to a gift from the spirit. A gift of being able to control pain. The final section uses a posthypnotic suggestion that they can let the spirit touch them anytime, anywhere, to relieve their pain.

Healing Cloud script

Healing Cloud Hypnosis Bonus Script

This script is designed to put your issues and worries into perspective. Unlike other pain management techniques, it is to encourage healing, and overall all well-being, not directed at a specific pain center.

The script works by letting you to think about your own life from a different perspective. You dissociate from all the immediate problems going on around you. You float away from all your day to day issues and use your inner mind to find what actually matters.

The Healing Cloud hypnosis script uses a metaphor for letting go, to visualize your life as something were you are part of a dynamic interaction with many others.

The listener enters a cloud where they get surrounded by healing light. That light eases and penetrates and makes changes to their body. Then, from the cloud, they look down on their life.

They see themselves, and the other things in their life, as if from some distant vantage point. They can forget about what they are always focusing on now, and perhaps question why.

Moving into some safe space in your mind can help you recognize what is really important. The new perspective can help you let go of old pain and troubles, and encourage your own healing energy.


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