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Scientific research shows that hypnotherapy is the most effective treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is not all just in the mind, but about 50% of people can get relief from IBS just by taking a placebo pill. This means your own emotions make up a major part of it. Hypnosis is very effective at changing emotional reactions. Hypnosis can help you to break the connection between your gut and stress.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects about 10% of people in the UK, and about 14% of people in the US. These figures are probably under reported. The real figure is likely 20% or more. (Jenner, 2018). There are ways to try to relieve the symptoms of IBS, you might have tried them. Changing you diet can help, especially eating more dietary fiber. Getting more exercise also helps some people.

But for IBS sufferers who have tried all the usual stuff, hypnotherapy may offer your best option. Hypnosis has no side effects, and is a powerful way to align your mind with your body.

This collection of hypnosis scripts gives you six different ways to use hypnotherapy for IBS. You can buy the whole collection to keep as a reference, or you can select just one script if you like that particular approach.


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IBS Control script

This hypnosis script is designed to manage IBS. The IBS client is asked to visualise a control panel. Any time they want to change their level of comfort all they have to do is call up the control panel and move the dial.

IBS Healing Hands script

This script uses a mixture of visualization and kinesthetic feedback. The client is encouraged to make a connection between their mind and their hands. Then the hands are used to create a connection between healing and IBS.

IBS Rainbow WaterFall

This script uses four metaphor visualizations to allow the sufferer to let go of, to 'wash away' the sources of their distress. There are three 'training' occurrences, followed by one specifically targeting the IBS symptoms.

IBS Gut Brain Harmony

An unusual approach to IBS Therapy. This script sets up a deal with your unconscious to keep protecting you, but in a way that does not involve a gut reaction.

IBS Ask Your Unconscious

Put yourself into a light trance, and then ask your mind to communicate with you. You enter some place where you can meet and interact with the part of your that is causing your IBS.

Spiritual Gift for IBS

Use your religious or spiritual beliefs to develop the strength to stop IBS. Meet your personal spiritual leader, reassess your childhood, and accept the Gift of Completion.

IBS Repair Your Gut

Use your mind to control what happens in your gut. This script uses a Parts Metaphor to help you visualize how your mind can change your IBS.


Learn Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis lets you explore your own mind. Many of things that trouble our bodies actually come from our minds. Self Hypnosis  opens the portal to your unconscious mind. From there you can change almost anything.

Cloudy Beach Relaxation Visualization

Imagine you are lying on a beach somewhere. Let your imagination go up into the clouds. Then watch as the clouds take on a different form and start to draw out all axiety.


IBS Hypnosis  Scripts

IBS Hypnosis Scripts


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