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IBS Spirtual Gift Healing HLTH38 

This script uses the client's religious or spiritual beliefs to develop the strength to stop their IBS. The script takes them to a bridge where they met someone who embodies their personal spiritual belief. This person explains that crossing this bridge is the key to ending their IBS. But they have to do something first.

The Figure of Power shows them how to get rid of old beliefs that are holding them back. Then the Figure of Power lets them reassess their childhood and gives a Gift of Completion. Finally, the figure shows them the route to a healthy life free from IBS.

Extract from IBS Spiritual Gift Script

Road Metaphor
And as you relax like that… your mind can take you on a journey…
I wonder if you can imagine a place far away from here? … A place of mountains and valleys… Of rivers and roads… and fields and farms…V
A place you might know… Or maybe it's somewhere else.
And in that place… there is a road… And you find yourself going along that road… And as you go along the road… You begin to be curious about the road… And why you are there… And where you are going… And where you have come from…Metaphor for illness
And what this road is all about…
And why you have this particular road, when others have easier roads…Illness
And as you go along the road… You begin to be aware of something in your gut… Things that don't seem quite right… And as you go along the road, you're feeling angry at all this illness… You realize you're really over it… it has gone on too long … the embarrassment, the inconvenience, the whole IBS thing…KEmpathy
and you begin to think… "what have I done wrong?" "Why is this happening to me?"Questioning status quo
memoryYou think of all the good things you have done, the people you have helped. Family, friends.Resources
memoryThings you have done for other people.
You don’t deserve this.DSeed
And that awareness is growing stronger and stronger, there is something there… causing this…  something almost punishing you....
And you are going along the road and you are wondering what is going to happen… and where are you going?Disturb state
You think to yourself… I wish someone would show me what to do…. How to be rid of this thing…Wish
Bridge Metaphor
And just then, that road goes round a corner… and up ahead you can see a river… And a bridge over the river
 And on the other side of the river everything is different… looks brighter somehow.
And then you notice there is someone standing in the middle of that bridge.
That figure beckons to you, as if to say "come here".
And you are not at all sure about this.
Then that person beckons again, and you feel a little push on your back as if something is nudging you to dare.Start the journey
And then the figure beckons a third time… and you just feel compelled to go towards that bridge.
And as you get nearer to that figure you realize there is something very strange about them.
This person is dressed in a very strange way. With old fashioned, flowing clothes…. almost like robes,Non specific
And this person… or figure… is giving off a feeling of power, energy… almost like an aura, magnetism… Something almost magical.Ambiguity
. . . . . . . .
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The rest is in the IBS HEALTH COLLECTION
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